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Read Karan Gupta's articles on UK offbeat courses, US student visas and more

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Learn about MBA specialisations and what courses to pursue Read More...

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Do you know that you should prepare for standardised exams at least a year before you think of studying abroad? Read More...

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Karan Gupta talks about the latest trends in Indian education for 2018 and beyond Read More...

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Want to grow your business and get more clients? Read Karan Gupta's quote in the international publication #USAToday Read More...

Startup India Summit

Can entrepreneurship be taught? What qualities should an entrepreneur have? Watch Karan Gupta's views at the Startup India Summit

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Karan Gupta receives the Times Education Icon Award for 'Outstanding contribution to Education'

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Harvard Business Reviews lists Karan Gupta's work ethics and how he thrives at work

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Changing face of fine arts, film and architecture abroad Read More...

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Enriching experience talking to future innovators - learning disabilities cannot stop you from achieving your dreams.

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Learn more about the ever changing world of technology and engineering.

Education Times

Karan Gupta tells you how to get a student visa for Singapore, France, Germany and Spain

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Chat live with Karan Gupta on study abroad, scholarships, careers, loans and more

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Confused what options to choose after the 12th grade? Read

Education Times

Education Consultant, Karan Gupta tells you how to get a student visa for UK, Canada and Asutralia

Education Times

Education Consultant, Karan Gupta tell you how to get a USA student visa

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