How To Prepare for The IELTS

Firstly, let us understand what the IELTS is, how it is structured and how with dedication and the right tools you can get a high score. 

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) tests your proficiency in English and consists of four components – listening, reading, speaking and writing. The speaking test is interactive with a certified examiner. The IELTS is needed mainly for admissions to institutes in Australia and the UK, but several institutes in the US also accept IELTS.


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Test Number of Sections Number of Items Time
Listening 4 40 30 mintues
Academic Reading 3 40 60 minutes
Academic Writing 2 tasks 150 & 250 words 60 minutes
Speaking - - 11 to 14 minutes
General IELTS (Reading + Writing) 3 sections for Reading & 2 Tasks for Writing 40 items for Reading & 150 & 250 words for Writing 60 minutes for Reading and 60 minutes for Writing

Please understand the difference between Academic and General IELTS. As a student, you are expected to give the Academic IELTS so please make sure you choose that when you register for your tests. 


Reading Section

One must have a blend of good reading speed and comprehension skills to complete the IELTS in the stipulated time. One will find the General Training reading section less lengthy and technical but one will also find trickier questions here. Skim the passages and use elimination techniques to narrow down your correct answer choice. Go back to the passage and look for evidence and then choose your final answer.


Writing Section

Make yourself comfortable with both the tasks asked in the writing module and try ways and means of paraphrasing the data given in the writing schedule. Ensure that you get sufficient practice by taking mock tests. Reading past writing assignments will help you understand how to score on this section. Get your writing assignments evaluated by English teachers.


Listening Section

There are various types of questions in the listening section. Know your strong and weak areas, that is, questions which you are able or unable to answer most of the times. The multiple-choice questions, tables and diagrams pose problems for a majority of the test-takers. However, the accent is very natural and not artificial. Moreover, the part of the recording which contains the answer is generally spoken with greater clarity than the rest of the recording. For native English speakers the listening section can be very easy. For additional practice questions, visit the official IELTS website at


Who needs to give the IELTS?

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Top Universities in the UK

The IELTS(UKVI) is compulsory in several universities in the UK if you are an international student and is necessary at the UK student visa. Universities that rank topmost like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, or the London School of Economics will require IELTS from all students. Find more about studying in the UK here.

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Top Universities in the US

Even if there may be some options for students who are not planning to give the IELTS, if you want to study at a well-ranked university like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, and University of California, the IELTS is indispensable. Find more about studying in the US here.

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Top Universities in the Canada

Similar to the UK, there may be a few universities in Canada which can allow you to apply without the IELTS but if you want to enrol at the best universities in the country like the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia or McGill University, a good IELTS score is required for applying and the Canadian student visa process. Find more about studying in Canada here.


9 is the highest bandscore you can get in the IELTS.

You should ideally study for at least 1-2 months. This depends on your ability to grasp information and the time you can dedicate to studying and practicing. 

This depends on your preference but usually, people score less on the writing section compared to other sections.

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