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Karan Gupta offers a range of services for schools, colleges and universities designed to enable them to help their students apply to higher education institutions at home and abroad. Services range from seminars and speeches to small-group guidance and one-to-one counseling.

Our Services

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Market Research and Feasibility Analysis

We can conduct in-depth market research to identify potential opportunities and challenges in the Indian education landscape. We will analyse the demand for specific courses and study programs to guide universities in offering relevant and attractive options. And we will provide a comprehensive feasibility report to help universities make informed decisions about setting up their office or expanding their presence in India.

Karan gupta consulting

Strategic Partnership Development

We will identify potential local partners, educational agencies, and representatives who can facilitate the university's expansion in India and South Asia. We will assist in negotiating and finalizing partnerships with reputable institutions and organizations to strengthen the university's presence in the South Asian market. We give advise on collaboration opportunities with Indian universities for student exchange programs and research partnerships.

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Targeted Marketing and Branding

We will develop customized marketing strategies to promote the university's courses and programs to the Indian and South Asian student population. We can create a strong brand presence in India and South Asia through targeted digital marketing, social media campaigns, and outreach efforts. We will rrganize and participate in education fairs, seminars, and events to showcase the university's offerings and engage with potential students and parents.

Karan gupta consulting

Student Recruitment and Support

We will implement a comprehensive student recruitment plan to attract high-quality Indian students to the university. We will provide personalized counseling services to prospective students, guiding them through the application process and program selection. And we offer pre-departure orientation sessions to prepare students for their study abroad experience and help with visa and accommodation arrangements.

Success rate

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When to start

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1 year.


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1- 2 years

Top Universities

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Karan gupta consulting
Karan gupta consulting
Karan Gupta

Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

In my 25 years as a professional education consultant I have individually counseled over 50,100 students, and presented seminars, lectures and talks to over 158,000. As well as providing individual study counselling I have also made motivational speeches for students encouraging them to strive for excellence and showing them the breadth of opportunity that’s available to them. I can also deliver workshops and seminars covering higher education options, how to write a resume, profile building, study tips and more. I have worked with several international universities and helped them exponentially increase their international student enrollment. We do not work as university agents but instead provide assistance with recruitment of qualified students.

Our Counselling Services will help your university

Karan gupta consulting

Increase international students

We will help your university increase the number of international students by attracting a larger number of well qualified candidates

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Get high quality student leads

We have access to the best students - at the undergraduate and graduate level and both with and without experience

Karan gupta consulting

International Brand recognition

Our workshops and seminars will ensure that your university gets brand recognition in the top most universities in India

We have helped universities with

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No international students

Karan gupta consulting

Remote Location

Karan gupta consulting

Low Brand Recognition

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We do not work as university agents and we are not affiliated with any university. We provide independent unbiased counselling to students and universities both.

Contact us at least 1 year ahead of any activities that you want to do in our region.

Our fees depend on the work and time involved. Please contact us to get a detailed quote.

Seminars, workshops, 1-1 sessions with students, strategy consulting are just some of the services we offer international universities.

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