Student Mentorship Program

The purpose of Mentorship Programs is to enhance the existing knowledge and skills of students from a young age. Ask yourself – What type of Mentoring Program or Mentorship Program would benefit you? Would a formal mentoring program with organized mentoring benefit you? A successful mentor is one who is a near perfect role model. In the long term, a good mentor works toward the learning and development as well as specific skills of the mentee. Successful mentor mentee relationships are those where the mentors and mentees are aligned to achieve the same goals and objectives. In the end such a program works for the benefit of all the people involved.

Karan Gupta: Student Mentorship Program

After the KGC student mentorship program you will:

  1. Unlock your Brain’s Superpower
  2. Gain more Confidence and be able to set Goals with Mindfulness
  3. Explore topics that interest you, understand Career Exploration and learn about Careers of the Future
  4. Personal Growth and how to Build a Strong Profile
  5. Better Manage Time, deal with Stress & prepare for Board Exams
  6. Learn about the PSAT, Summer School, Selecting Subjects
  7. Improve your Verbal Communication Skills and Reading Skills
  8. Computer Literacy, Social Media, Cybersecurity and deal with Cyberbullying
  9. How to improve your Physical Fitness and Nutrition
  10. Creating Youtube Videos and becoming a Digital Influencer
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