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India’s education system has grown immensely from the ancient times of studying in gurukulas to universities which produce some of the brightest minds in the world. We come from a culture of religious teachings intermingled with science and technology varying across the land in terms of the medium of instruction or even the ways we are taught. A myriad culture can perhaps be what we need to stand out in today’s developing world but it can be a huge task to figure out what we want to do in the future to succeed and that's where Dr. Karan Gupta comes in.

“I have studied in various institutes such as Harvard University, University of California, and IE Business School but my early education was in India. Having experienced the Indian education himself, and studied career counseling at the University of California, San Diego, I can help you to understand the Indian education system better and use it to your advantage. I can recommend careers for students from teenagers wondering about their options to professionals who want to learn more and give you tailored advice for any and all future plans you might have. Education in India is affordable compared to many other countries and is an entirely merit-based system, which has its own pros. For undergraduate students, I will help you understand what you need to do to achieve your goals. Whereas for postgraduates and professionals, Iwill show you the path to aid your profile and as a result boost your career or even help you explore new fields. Ican understand your current profile and depending on your preferences recommend options you have in terms of study in India.”


Career Options in India

India offers a great variation in career options. An assortment of degrees is available like bachelors in courses such as arts, science and commerce but also more creative and niche courses like fashion and tourism. Several masters’ degrees can be obtained as well in fields like mass media or business administration or even something like nanotechnology. Engineering and medical fields are always amongst the most popular but at the same time, other rewarding fields are gaining popularity like architecture or even research in analytical fields. Great caliber autonomous institutes like the IITs and IIMs are notorious for difficult exams and limited seats but the reward of getting into one is immense. The diversity of the courses available in India is only befitting to its people as it offers every course one could desire in an affordable way. So much so that students from abroad are considering India as a viable option for studying further.

Do you need tailored advice?

If studying in India is your goal then Dr. Karan Gupta can offer personalized guidance, support and counseling to help you achieve this. He has extensive personal experience of education in India. Contact Karan Gupta Consulting for more information and to find out how you can take your first steps to succeed in your ambition.

Services offered:

  • Career counselling and psychometric tests evaluation
  • Institution selection advice
  • Application process advice
  • Scholarships, financial aid and loans advice
  • Profile building advice.
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