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MBA Admissions Abroad

The benefit of a postgraduate qualification like an MBA from a world-class institution is enormous, but this means that competition for places is fierce. Karan Gupta is a Harvard Business School and IE Business School alum with extensive experience of postgraduate admissions. As a professional overseas education consultant he can offer guidance designed to maximize your chances to study abroad, particularly if you are interested in a high profile MBA abroad.

Karan Gupta: MBA abroad consultant and graduate advice

“I am able to help graduates make the right choice of which institution and which course to study overseas. Then we work together to tailor your application and personal statements to match the qualities the admissions panels look for. I’ve had notable success placing graduates who want to study an MBA in Australia despite the huge competition for this increasingly popular destination and have a particular insight into what’s required for a successful Ivy League MBA application.”

Before you look for an MBA Admissions Consultant, ask yourself the following questions:
Do you know why you want to pursue an MBA?
Have you looked at the GMAT exam and/or have started preparing for it?
Do you have work experience that depicts strong leadership skills?
Do you know what you want to do after your MBA?
Have you looked at the costs of an MBA and have a financial plan in place?

Before visiting an MBA Admissions Consultant, make sure you have thought about your story, your goals and why you want to do an MBA. Spend some time online researching business schools and make notes of what you like and what you don’t like. It is imperative that you do your homework well before visiting your chosen MBA Admissions Consultant. If you want to maximize your chances of studying an MBA in Canada, at the Ivy League colleges in the USA, or at prestigious business schools like London Business School, contact Karan Gupta now to learn how his graduate admissions advice service will help you.

Services include:

  • Advice on the most appropriate MBA abroad;
  • Specific advice on popular MBA destinations, such as MBA in Australia, MBA at LSE, Harvard MBA;
  • Admission strategy;
  • Resume building;
  • Recommendation letter guidelines;
  • Extensive essay editing;
  • Interview training and preparation.
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