UAE (Dubai) Study Visa

Obtaining a UAE (Dubai) student visa can be relatively straightforward. Once you have got admission at an accredited institute in Dubai, they will apply for your study visa on your behalf. You will get a copy of the visa via email and do not have to visit the UAE embassy in your home country. In order to get your institute to sponsor your Dubai visa, you will have to show that you have the funds to pay for your education. In some cases, you will be required to pay the entire course fees before the institute applies for your study visa. The time taken to get a study visa to UAE (Dubai) is not much and students have been successful in getting student visas in less than a week.

Make sure you fully understand the requirements of your chosen institution before granting the visa. If you have misunderstood whether or not you need to pay all the fees in advance or only a portion you may find yourself denied a study visa entirely.

Timeline for Admissions

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Finalizing university

A few months after your application has been submitted, universities will get back to you with their answers. You will be notified over email or university website about the outcome of your application. We will discuss these outcomes with you in detail and keep your priorities in mind, we will arrive at the final university which you will be attending.

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Apply for visa

Now that you have everything ready with you, you can send the documents to your university. You should do this as early as allowed as visa applications can in UAE will not take very long to process but during certain times of the year the demand can be high. We will be helping you navigate the entire process. 

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Success rate

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When to start

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Success Story

Kushal Bhagat

Kushal Bhagat

British University in Dubai

The student visa process for Dubai is very different from other countries and I wanted professional help for the same. I met Dr. Karan Gupta to discuss this and he simplified the process for me and broke it down into small steps. He gave me a timeline to follow and told me what I needed to be aware of. As the process is very straightforward for Indian students, he gave me all the answers I needed in just one meeting.


Kushal Bhagat was confused about the UAE (Dubai) student visa process after securing admission in the British University in Dubai. With Dr. Gupta's step by step guidance throughout the process, he received his study visa.

Some images and names in the reviews have been changed to protect the privacy of the concerned.

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Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

The process is easy compared to other countries’ student visas but be sure to submit all the required documents properly. Also when you arrive at the university, you will be required to undergo medical examinations.

Our Counselling Services Will Make You

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A dedicated counselor will be helping you throughout the process who will be there to assist you in matters and resolve issues that may arise.

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We will make sure that you are ready for any challenges and hurdles that come your way throughout the application process.

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Stay on track

With the help of scheduled reminders and our personalized timeline for the application process, you will always remain on track.

Our Services

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Specific application advice

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General guidance on student visa processes

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Application and support documents check

We Have Helped Students With

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Previous rejections

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Low IELTS scores

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Low finances


The student visa provided will be valid only for 1 year but can be renewed every year for an additional year after providing proof from your institution that you are continuing education. 

You have to only notify your university that you have accepted their offer and that request to apply for your visa. They will ask you to submit relevant documents for this process.

It is recommended that you have all your financial documents like family and personal bank asset statements in place before you apply for the visa. If you don’t have the required finances, you can approach the university for scholarships or trusts which provide scholarships for students. Additionally, you can take a bank loan too. The key is to be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to fund your education and take care of your living expenses.

There could be a variety of reasons. We need to check the whole application in detail in order to provide you with the possible solution.

Applying for a UAE (Dubai) study visa around 1 or 2 months prior to the commencement of the course is recommended.

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