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High Schools Abroad

There is increasing interest in overseas high school education, and more people are looking for advice about the benefits of attending a premier boarding school in the United Kingdom, Europe or the United States of America. If you feel your son or daughter could benefit from an exclusive overseas education, then you need guidance on the best international schools and their potential impact on your your child’s future success.

Karan Gupta: High School overseas education consultant and internation school advice

“In 20 years as an overseas education consultant I have advised many families who wish to benefit from the exclusive opportunities the world’s best high schools can provide. I provide a personal service to families and get to know their goals for their children and the needs of the child and parents. Using this knowledge I am able to research the best possible institutions and help with planning for the application, tailoring it to maximize chances of success, and guiding you through the requirements of the visa application process. Your children are precious, and their education deserves to be the best it can be - and my services ensure that we find the perfect match that will support their future success.”

Contact Karan Gupta now to arrange a personal consultation and receive information on the widest range of options for your child’s high school education in one of the world’s top international schools.

Services available include:

  • School selection advice;
  • Application support;
  • Visa application advice;
  • Finance and funding options.
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