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There is increasing interest in international high school education, and more people are looking for advice about the benefits of attending a premier boarding school in the United Kingdom, Europe or the United States of America. If you feel your son or daughter could benefit from an exclusive overseas education, then you need guidance on the best international schools and their potential impact on your child’s future success.

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School selection advice


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Application support


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Visa application advice


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1- 2 years in advance


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1 Year

Success Story

Vishal Malhotra

Vishal Malhotra

The Bronx High School of Science, New York

KGC helped me narrow down school & set realistic standards. It was extremely accessible and accommodating to my circumstances, but most importantly helped me get admission into my dream school! I recommend it highly.


Vishal was keen to pursue high school abroad but was confused about the process and the schools. Through Dr Gupta's guidance, Vishal got into his dream high school, The Bronx High School of Science, New York.

Some images and names in the reviews have been changed to protect the privacy of the concerned.

Karan Gupta

Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

In 25 years as an overseas education consultant I have advised many families who wish to benefit from the exclusive opportunities the world’s best high schools can provide. I provide a personal service to families and get to know their goals for their children and the needs of the child and parents. Using this knowledge I am able to research the best possible institutions and help with planning for the application, tailoring it to maximize chances of success, and guiding you through the requirements of the visa application process. Your children are precious, and their education deserves to be the best it can be - and my services ensure that we find the perfect match that will support their future success.

Our Counselling Services Will Make You

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A dedicated counselor will be helping you throughout the process who will be there to assist you in matters and resolve issues that may arise.

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We will make sure that you are ready for any challenges and hurdles that come your way throughout the application process.

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With the help of scheduled reminders and our personalized timeline for the application process, you will always remain on track.

We Have Helped Students With

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Below average grades

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No extracurricular activities

Karan gupta consulting

No volunteering experience

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We will have brainstorming sessions with you about your video essays and help you with mock sessions for your video interviews.

We do not guarantee visas but since 1999, our success rate has been 100%.

Anyone above the age of 12 years will find the Student Mentorship Program helpful as it guides you on how to deal with different facets of your life. If you have a certain goal in mind for the near future, the Student Mentorship Program can help you analyze and achieve it.

We will edit and re-edit certain documents like essays, SOP and resume for you after you write them. We will provide proper guidelines and samples for all documents you may need throughout the process. We will not be writing, applying for or collecting any documents for you.

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