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Summer School Abroad

Many of the world's best universities and further education institutions organise summer study programs over the academic break. These can range from two to eight weeks in duration, and summer school students can choose one or two subjects to study per summer school session.
Summer school courses are becoming a popular method to help add extra value to your resume or to boost your career profile. They are also an excellent way to demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development and to keep abreast of the latest best practice in a given field. With daily classes throughout the summer school these are an intense study option, and competition to be accepted to summer schools is strong.

Karan Gupta: overseas summer school consultant. LSE Summer School. Harvard Summer School

"Attending high profile courses offered by prestigious institutions like the London School of Economics (LSE) Summer School and the Harvard Summer School are an excellent way of studying a particular subject in great depth that will be useful for your career plan. Summer school courses are also rightly popular amongst undergraduates looking to gain exposure to additional areas of learning outside their core degree. I can advise you on the best summer school programs to apply for that will enhance your resume or to help you reach work or study goals. As a Harvard Business School alum I have a particular insight into the factors that the most prestigious institutions are looking for in successful applicants, and this can be key for the most over-subscribed courses offered by the likes of the LSE summer school or the Oxford University summer school."

Contact KGC now to receive personalised advice on the benefits of attending a summer school abroad, and which courses and programs would give you the best return on your investment in your future academic or career success and development.

Services available include:

  • Prestigious summer school application advice service (including LSE Summer School and Harvard Summer School advice);
  • Summer school institution selection advice service;
  • Summer school course selection advice;
  • Summer school visa application support.
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