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China has been touted as the world’s fastest growing economy and many students wish to study in China to learn more about the history of the country and to be able to take advantage of the growth story of China. The government of China is making strong efforts to promote higher education by increasing university funding with the aim of making China a scientific and academic world leader.

Study in China

Help and Support

China’s incredible success story and continued growth has seen an increasing number of students from overseas study at its universities in order to gain valuable insight into this Asian powerhouse. Contact me to discuss how I can support you to navigate this very different culture and to choose the best institution and courses to bring you the advantage that you are looking for from study in China.

General Information

The living costs in most cities in China is relatively cheap and the standard of living is high. There are an increasing number of universities in China which are internationally well known, and students can study in English in these institutions.

Academic degrees awarded by the top Chinese universities are now widely recognised in developed countries, and students who take advantage of their time studying in China to learn the language are at a significant advantage in applying for jobs in businesses looking to develop trade with China.

The Application Process

Students applying to study abroad in China will need to submit individual applications to their chosen institutions. Almost all have fully online application systems available in English. You will need to prepare a strong personal statement and good reference to maximise your chance of success. If you are unsure of the best ways to present your application you should seek professional guidance.

How much will it cost?

Fees vary from institution to institution but on average tuition fees are about 35,000 Yuan per year and average living expenses are about 10,000 Yuan per year. The most popular and prestigious courses attract larger fees.

Funding, Scholarships and Loans

Scholarships are rare in China and students have to bear their entire of education and living expenses. However, there are some bursaries and scholarships for international students offered by some institutions. Seek guidance from an overseas education consultant experienced in funding applications to find university scholarships and maximise chances of having them awarded.

Student Employment

International students can work in China once they have been hired by a company. Getting employment for international students in China is not easy due to stiff competition from local Chinese students. However, if you can show relevant language and overseas business experience you will find yourself at an advantage.

Do you need tailored advice?

Contact me now to find how I can give you personal guidance and support to study in China. Many international businesses are actively seeking to recruit graduates with first-hand experience of business in China and the chinese language. Choosing the right university and the right course could lead to some exciting career opportunities. I’m a qualified career counsellor with 20 years experience placing students for study abroad and I offer one-to-one tailored coaching to help you achieve your goals.

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