The Perfect Job?

In an ideal world we would all start our working lives in our ideal job. A job that allows us to grow and learn, one that challenges and rewards in equal measure, and one that we enjoy and that brings us fulfillment - a passion.
If you are lucky enough to be in that position than most people will envy you! For the rest of us career choice can seem difficult, and career change can seem impossible. Many people don’t have a deep understanding of their strengths and lack the self-knowledge to be confident in taking important decisions about their future. This is where professional career guidance can help.

Career Guidance and Career Planning

Career Guidance and Career Planning

Most students I meet don’t fully understand their career options because they don’t fully understand themselves. As a qualified career counsellor my first priority is to get to know you, your career objectives, your goals and aspirations and what drives you. Then using a range of assessments such as MBTI, STRONG, and Pearson DAT I explore with you your true strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Together we can then map out a personalized Career Exploration Program.

Practical advice on career choice and career change

If you are looking to enhance your current prospects or even change careers I can help you with practical advice regarding job applications and interviews, resume writing guidance, developing career objectives and more. If you are a student unsure of which career path to take we can examine your key skills and attributes and help to steer you in the direction of a career that will fulfil your ambitions. I have over 20 years experience as an education consultant and careers counselor and have helped more than 50,100 students make the right choices for the future.

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