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Studying in Dubai

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Dubai is now the leading destination for higher education in the Middle East. The government has worked hard to enhance Dubai’s reputation as a center for educational excellence and is very welcoming of students looking to study overseas. The city has developed the Knowledge Village area, where several of the top universities are located.

Although it has an extreme summer climate, a major attraction of studying in Dubai is the ease with which foreign nationals can start a business or employment after graduating. The work permit system is very liberal and foreign nationals encounter few difficulties living and working in Dubai after they finish their studies. : Studying in Dubai : Studying in Dubai : Studying in Dubai

Help and Support

Contact me today for personalized advice on how to maximize your chance of a successful application to a university in this extremely popular city. If you are entrepreneurial and business-minded, Dubai may well be the perfect place for your studies, but choosing the right degree course and the right university is vital to make the most of the opportunities Dubai has to offer. As an overseas educational consultant with a strong business background I am uniquely placed to offer you guidance and support in your applications.

General Information

Strategically located between East and West and part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is a beautiful blend of cultures. There are over 50 educational institutions here including private universities, government institutes and international university campuses for higher education.

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) house campuses of many renowned universities from around the globe such as the American University in Dubai, SP Jain School of Global Management, Michigan State University, and Manchester University Business School. Popular subjects that overseas students can study in Dubai are Architecture, Business Administration, Design, Tourism, Engineering and International Relations.

The Application Process

Each institution has its own independent structure and requirements for admission, there is no centralized applications process for study in Dubai. Students will be required to submit individual applications and pay any fees to their desired university or college. As with all higher education applications, a strong personal statement is vital. The competition for places in Dubai is strong, so if you are unsure about how to present your application in the best possible way seek professional advice.

How much will it cost?

The costs to live and study in Dubai are definitely lower in comparison to attending a university in Europe or a university in the USA. Average tuition fees are about 40,000 AED per year and the average living expenses are only about 8,000 AED per year. Postgraduate study programs may charge more, particularly for popular or prestigious courses like top quality MBAs.

Funding, Scholarships and Loans

The Dubai government offers scholarships to international students. These are highly sought after and popular. Seek advice about the best way to apply to maximize your chances of receiving a study abroad scholarship from the Dubai government.

Additionally there are various institutions offering scholarships ranging from 10% to 100% of tuition fees. Their overseas scholarship committees will take into account your overall profile, not just academic success, when determining scholarship awards. Make sure your application shows your full potential both academically and in your personal qualities. If you are unfamiliar with the best practices in such applications then you should seek professional guidance.

Indian students can get educational loans from a state bank for up to Rs.2.5 Million. Remember that you may have to provide 100% security for the loan and that you will be committing to up to 7 years of financial repayments. Make sure you have chosen the right course at the right university before you make such commitments - an overseas education consultant will be able to help.

Student Employment

Students are not permitted to work part-time whilst studying in Dubai on a student visa. However overseas students can easily get work permits in Dubai once they have been hired by a company or set up their own business.. The work visa system in Dubai is based on sponsorship by employers/businesses and can be an easy process if you have all the appropriate information.

Do you need tailored advice?

Contact me today to discuss how I can give your personal, strategic advice to help you choose the right university and the right course to study in Dubai. The popularity of Dubai as a hub for international business means that competition for places is high, and candidates need to stand out from the crowd. As a qualified career consultant I help my students to choose the most appropriate courses of study to fit their goals and aspirations and then guide them to succeed in their application for admission.

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