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Singapore is an attractive destination for overseas students. Higher education courses available include degrees, higher-level technical courses and short-term study programs. Singapore is a diverse country that welcomes students from abroad and gives them access to world-class facilities for research and learning. : Studying in Singapore : Studying in Singapore : Studying in Singapore

Help and Support

Contact me today if you would like specific, tailored guidance and support in applying to study in Singapore. Competition for places at universities in Singapore is fierce and the best-prepared students are at an advantage. As a successful overseas education consultant with 18 years’ experience of placing clients in prestigious universities abroad I can help you to ensure that your application and supporting documentation is the strongest it can be.

General Information

Singapore is one of the safest, cleanest and most highly rated destinations for travellers and students. It has three main universities but getting admission to them is not easy, with many more applications received each year than places are available. National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Nan yang Technological University are considered among the best universities in the world.
Singapore is synonymous as a center of global commerce and trade and boasts a great business-friendly economy. It plays host to thousands of multinational companies and is one of the most conducive places to conduct any kind of business. There are also a number of Technical institutes, polytechnics and private universities in Singapore, and the straightforward visa requirements add to its popularity as an educational destination.

The Application Process

Applications to institutions are made on an individual basis and are usually able to be made online. As well as requirements to list academic test scores, give references from tutors and employers and detail any additional aptitude test results, the most important part of the application is the personal statement and resume. Given the competition for spaces at the top universities a carefully crafted and high-caliber application is a must. If you are not sure what you should and should not include in your application, seek professional guidance to maximize your chances of success.

How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees in Singapore are around S$25,000 per year, and average living expenses are around S$10,000 per year. Actual fees charged vary between institutions, with the most popular undergraduate and postgraduate courses costing substantially more.

Funding, Scholarships and Loans

International students applying to study in Singapore have the option of both university scholarships, grants and fellowships and government financial support. This is unique system and you’re advised to seek guidance in order to maximize the chances of benefiting from the excellent financial support that is available to the highest caliber students.

Students from India can get education loans from state banks for up to Rs.2.5 Million. Security of up to 100% of the loan amount will be needed and the repayment period varies from 5-7 years. Do make sure you have made the right choice of course and institution before committing to a long-term financial arrangement.

Student Employment

International students can work in Singapore once they have been hired by a local company. The employer sponsors the work permit to work full time in Singapore after graduation. However keep in mind that getting jobs in the Singapore is not easy, with strong competition for places.

Do you need tailored advice?

Singapore is a highly sought-after destination for overseas study, and competition for places and funding is intense. Contact me if you need personalized guidance and advice to support your decision to study in Singapore. In my 20 years as an overseas education consultant I have helped over 50,100 clients to achieve their potential and win a place at the most sought after courses and universities around the world, and I can help you to achieve your goals for your future.

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