What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are designed to understand different aspects of a person’s interest, personality and their inclinations to succeed in specific fields. Anyone who is not sure about the future or current career path can take a psychometric test to understand which options will work out best for them. Karan Gupta is a Certified Career Counsellor (University of California, San Diego 2015), MBTI® Practitioner (2015), and also certified to conduct the MBTI®, MBTI Type II®, STRONG®, MMTIC®, and FIRO® assessments and interest inventories.

Our Tests and Services

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The MBTI will helping you explore your natural preferences and how you prefer to make decisions. the assessment will help you in all areas of your life including your academics, your work,your personal relationships and so on.

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Pearson DAT

The DAT is a test which tests your abilities in different areas including verbal, numerical, mechanical, language and so on. Sometimes you may have an interest in a field but the DAT tests whether or not you have the ability.



The STRONG will help you understand what career options are most suitable for you and which majors you can pursue in college. you will also learn about which careers will utilise your natural preferences.

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The MMTIC is designed to understand a child’s preferences. Through the MMTIC we get valuable insights into differences in how children learn and engage in healthy social interactions. We help your child in discovering their own unique style, empowering early learning success and improving relationships with teachers, parents and friends.

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The purpose of Mentorship Programs is to enhance the existing knowledge and skills of students from a young age. We understand that everyone is different and some of you may even be facing unique challenges compared to other students in your class. Considering that we have developed a step-by-step detailed module based learning process that includes Career Guidance, Profile building, Skill Development, Mindfulness and Wellness and Psychometric testing. Dr. Karan Gupta will be your mentor.

When to start

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8th grade

Success rate

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1 year

Success Story

Sanika Patil

Sanika Patil

Duke University

When I found Karan Gupta, I was very confused. I did not know what to do in life and how to do it. I gave a call to their office and the counsellor heard me out and recommended me to take aptitude and psychometric tests. This was the best decision ever. I got to do the tests at home and then the next day I scheduled an appointment. The session was so helpful for me. The test results can be very scary to look at because they are in a lot of detail but Karan told me to go through it and what it all meant for me. With his guidance, I found out what I can build a career in and I am so happy I decided to take the tests.


Sanika wanted to study abroad in a good school but she was not sure how to do it and most importantly what to study. She liked several subjects but did not know which way she should go. We recommended her to do a thorough evaluation of her talents, interests and preferences by taking the MBTI, DAT and STRONG tests. She was not only surprised by the results but also still refers to them to this day when she has to make any decisions. She is currently studying at Duke University for her masters in Quantitative Financial Economics.

Some images and names in the reviews have been changed to protect the privacy of the concerned.

Karan Gupta

Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

Most students I meet don’t fully understand their career options because they don’t fully understand themselves and their personal interests. As a qualified career counsellor my first priority is to get to know you, your career objectives, your goals and aspirations and what drives you. Then using a range of psychometric tests such as MBTI, STRONG, and Pearson DAT, I explore with you your true strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Together we can then map out a personalized Career Exploration Program, helping you make a better career decision.

Our Counselling Services Will Make You

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A dedicated counselor will be helping you throughout the process who will be there to assist you in matters and resolve issues that may arise.

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We will make sure that you are ready for any challenges and hurdles that come your way throughout the application process.

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Stay on track

With the help of scheduled reminders and our personalized timeline for the application process, you will always remain on track.

We Have Helped Students With

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Uncertainties about career options

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Uncertainties about career paths

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Confusion about future careers

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Unsure students

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No work experience

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Learning Disabilities

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The tests are done online. Once you inform us about your desire to do the tests, we will send you the details for each test and you can do them online from the comfort of your own home.

The DAT is a test that will help you know if your interests and your abilities differ. In this case, you will know which choices are suitable for you and how you can find a middle ground when it comes to what you will excel and what you want to do if they differ. And Dr. Gupta will help you interpret your results and provide you with the appropriate options.

The psychometric tests are suitable for anyone who wants to gain more insight into their likes and dislikes, their interests and preferences. All these factors come together to make you more aware of your current state and how you can improve accordingly in the future. Anyone above the age of 12 years can take the MBTI, Pearson DAT and Strong. Students below the age of 12 years can take the MMTIC.

Dr. Karan Gupta will hold an interpretation and career exploration session with you after the test reports are ready.

MMTIC would be the right choice for her as it is specifically designed for young children.

MBTI helps you to explore your natural preferences and how you make decisions. Strong helps you to realise which career options utilise your natural preferences. DAT tests your abilities in different fields like mechanical, verbal, language etc. MMTIC assesses a young child’s abilities. MBTI, Strong and DAT are meant for mature students while MMTIC is recommended for children below 12 years.

The Strong Interest Inventory test will help you to which career options utilize your natural preferences best and thus tell you which majors can work out best based on the test.

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