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Karan Gupta is a Certified Career Counsellor (University of California, San Diego 2015), MBTI® Practitioner (2015), and also certified to conduct the MBTI®, MBTI Type II®, Strong®, MMTIC®, and FIRO® assessments and interest inventories. He is India’s leading career counsellor and can help you with your career development, career choice and clear any confusion you have regarding your career decision.

“As a professional career consultant and career coach I believe passionately that self-knowledge is your most powerful tool when developing your potential and planning your career journey. However the best counselling doesn’t just involve psychometric assessments and aptitude tests, career tests and scores - it also requires working one-to-one to really understand your ambitions, your real strengths and your passions. The best career guidance comes from a mentoring approach, and over the last two decades I’ve been able to help high school students, graduates, career changers and senior executives to maximise their potential.”

Karan Gupta

Karan Gupta is also available for face-to-face or online career counselling for those looking for advice and guidance on other life decisions that often go hand-in-hand with career consulting. A particularly valuable service for students, this can help to understand how making a large personal change like choosing to move abroad to study could impact on future choices and career goals. An online career counselling session with Dr. Karan Gupta can reveal the entrance exams that you need to get admission to courses, which in turn will help you achieve your perfect career. In this counselling session, you will be presented with various career options and career assessment tests through which your personality traits and career path can be discovered.

Contact Karan Gupta now for a personal introduction and discussion on how you can benefit from career counselling, clear any career confusion and achieve your life goals.

Services available include:

  • Psychometric and aptitude test and analysis;
  • Career counseling, guidance and planning;
  • Life coaching and mentoring;
  • Career Courses;
  • Motivation and career change support.

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