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USA Study Visa

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A student visa for the USA is one of the most sought after amongst those looking to study abroad. The US is probably the only country where students can apply for a visa without having a preset list of documents and where the interview decides if the student gets the visa or not. When applying for a USA student visa you need to show that you can pay for the entire course and that you have strong ties with your home country and will return home after studying. You also need to have been accepted to an institute of good standing in the US. Keep in mind that if you are applying for certain PhD or data based courses, your application may require additional scrutiny and hence you should be applying early for your student visa.

USA Study Visa
USA Study Visa
USA Study Visa

General Info

There are two types of student visas that you can apply for to study in the US – F-1 and M-1.

The F1 visa is the most common for students who wish to engage in academic studies in the United States. The M1 visa is for those who wish to study vocational subjects or undergo training at US institutes. With the amount of student visa information available online, it would be easy to be confused and doubt what information is needed to get a US nonimmigrant visa. However, by following simple rules you would have no problem in visa issuance. The process for a US student visa starts by filling in your DS-160 form and paying the visa fee. You can use the exchange rate mentioned on the visa application center’s website. Remember to apply for an F1 student visa and not an exchange visitor visa. Once you are done with this process, you need to book two visa appointments with the US embassies and consulates in India. One appointment would be to collect your Biometrics and the other would be your visa interview appointment. After your visa interview appointment, you would be issued a machine readable US student visa by the Consulate General or Embassy of the United States. If, for any reason, your visa is held under Section 221(g), your visa would have to be processed by the Department of State in the US before it can be issued in India.

USA Visa Application process

Remember that you can apply for a student visa no earlier than 120 days before you report to school in the United States (some consulates, however, will process your application prior to 120 days).

1. Pay the SEVIS and visa application fee 2. Complete the non-immigrant visa application form online (DS-160) 3. Schedule an appointment for submitting your Biometrics as well as for an interview 4. Carry the following documents when you visit the US consulate or embassy: Printed copy of the appointment letter, DS-160 confirmation page, one photograph taken within the last six months; current and all old passports and the original visa fee payment receipt; acceptance letter & SEVIS fee receipt; evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in the US; School and college transcripts and standardized test score sheets
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