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Studying in Spain

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Travelling to study in Spain is becoming a more popular option. The country has a well-respected education system and a reasonable standard of living, but offers lower living costs than many other European countries. Spanish is now the world’s second most-spoken business language, and spending time here perfecting your Spanish and receiving a quality education is attractive to many.

More and more Spanish universities are producing courses taught in English, and this is broadening the appeal of Spain as an overseas study destination. Students who chose to study in Spain enjoy vibrant and diverse university life and an excellent Mediterranean climate in a country renowned for its architecture, food and drink. : Studying in Spain : Studying in Spain : Studying in Spain

Help and Support

Contact me today to discuss your idea of studying in Spain. I’m able to use my admissions expertise to give you personal advice on the most appropriate courses and universities, as well as guide you through admissions and visa processes. I’m particularly able to help those looking for study programs taught in English in an EU country with lower living costs than most.

Studying in spain

General Information

Spain has a great education system that is highly organized and well respected. While many of the education courses in Spain at state universities are taught in Spanish, some of them, as well as many private universities, have introduced courses taught in English.

Some of the world’s most renowned business institutes such as IE Business School, IESE and ESADE are based in Spain.

The Application Process

Overseas students wishing to study in Spain must apply directly to universities and institutes they wish to attend. Most courses will expect you to complete your application in fluent Spanish, including your comprehensive personal statement. You may also need to have any testimonial or reference letters translated. If you are applying to a course taught in English there will more likely be an English application form required. If you are unsure about what to include in your application to a Spanish university you should seek professional advice.

How much will it cost?

The state-run universities offer free education, even for international students. To qualify you may need to take a course taught in Spanish, although there may be exceptions. Seek advice from an admissions specialist.

Average tuition fees at private universities are around €20,000 and average living expenses are around €10,000 per year. Some sought-after postgraduate programs such as MBAs at the prestigious business institutes will have higher fees.

Funding, Scholarships and Loans

If you choose to apply to a private university in Spain then some scholarships, bursaries and assistance programs are available. Competition for awards is high, and the awarding bodies will take into account all aspects of a student’s circumstances, academic record, extracurricular achievements and more. To maximize the chances of winning funding for your studies take expert advice on how to present a strong application.

Indian students can apply to state banks for an educational loan of up to Rs.2.5 Million, although be aware you may have to provide security for the loan of up to 100%. Also before entering into a 5 to 7 year financial commitment makes sure you have taken appropriate advice and have chosen the right course and institution for you.

Student Employment

Overseas students can work in Spain once they have been hired by a local company - it is then the employer who sponsors the full-time work permit giving permission to work in Spain. It is difficult for non-EU citizens to obtain work in Spain, so pay particular attention to your choice of course and university to maximize your employment potential there once you graduate. If you’re unsure as to the best choices then an educational consultant can help.

Do you need tailored advice?

Contact me today to speak about my personalized advice service. I have over 20 years experience as an overseas education consultant and have placed students in prestigious universities throughout Europe, including Spain. I can give you tailored advice and guidance in relation to the application process for the right course for you, and how to apply for funding.

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