Why do parents and students chase this man?

Why do parents and students chase this man?

Why do parents and students chase this man? A look into the professional life of Educationist and Activist, Dr. Karan Gupta

Abhinav Mehta waited for weeks before getting an appointment to meet Dr. Karan Gupta. Warmly welcomed at his South Mumbai office, Abhinav filled in several questionnaires which he later learned were part of psychometric tests that enabled Dr. Gupta to suggest appropriate career options for him. In his one hour initial consulting session, Dr. Gupta chalked out a career path for him and discussed various study abroad plans for him. Eventually Abhinav signed up for his year long counseling package wherein Dr. Gupta conducted detailed psychometrics tests such as the MBTI, Strong and Pearson DAT and helped him with the entire admission process to study abroad. Abhinav who is currently studying at Wharton Business School in the US, is thrilled with his decision of choosing Dr. Karan Gupta as his study abroad counselor.

We spoke to families who flew down from Singapore, Australia, Canada and even the US just to meet Dr. Karan Gupta. The consensus was clear – the families and their children were looking for a counselor who has experience in helping their children get into the best universities in the world – including the much sought after Ivy League universities in the US. They wanted complete career guidance and personal attention and hence were willing to wait for weeks before they could meet Dr. Karan Gupta. While the entire counseling process can be completed online and students do not physically need to visit his office, these parents were keen to meet this young Harvard prodigy of Mumbai just to understand how his students are so successful.

In between his 12-hour work day we managed to speak to Dr. Karan Gupta and were impressed by his work ethic and knowledge of careers and overseas admissions, “My focus is on each student’s personal development. Each student that comes to me is unique and I make sure my counseling is tailor-made to ensure that the student is successful,” adds Dr. Gupta.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School, IE Business School, the University of California, and the University of Mumbai, Dr. Karan Gupta has degrees in Psychology, Business and Law and has a certificate in Career Advising. While most counselors help students without any professional qualifications, it is impressive to find a counselor who has formal training in career advising.

As a Social Activist, Dr. Gupta works with underprivileged children and women empowerment. His foundation provides skill development workshops to differently-abled people and he himself conducts career workshops for students at schools in Dharavi and other underprivileged areas. His annual event, I Am Woman, celebrates and awards the inspiration of women.

Our advice - If you are looking for an expert with nearly two decades of experience in career counseling with an umpteenth number of success stories of students, visit Dr. Karan Gupta early in your career search.

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