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Navigating your way through the international visa processes is daunting. For many of my students it’s the most concerning aspect of going to study abroad. They are concerned about the risk of being accepted in their dream course, in their dream country, only to be denied a student visa and being unable to travel.

99% Success Rate

I have over 20 years experience as an overseas education consultant including working in admissions for a major foreign university. I help my students to demystify the visa process and to show them how to thoroughly prepare their applications. By guiding students carefully through the many different international systems over 99% of my students are successful in gaining their study visa.


Why it works

You are the most important part of the visa process. By giving you expert guidance I make sure that you hold full knowledge and control over your application. It’s vital that you have a complete understanding of every document you are required to produce. I will help you to scrutinize your financial documents to make sure that you have a viable plan not only to pay for your education but also for living expenses. I will show you how to build the ideal ‘visa file’, and once it’s complete I will conduct mock interviews with you, presenting you with the questions you are likely to be asked by visa officers. I will coach you on your answers and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Visa Interview Question advice

  • Be well-prepared
  • Be confident - be sure of your answers but at the same time be polite
  • Be totally honest and straightforward in all your answers
  • Make eye contact while talking
  • Don't hesitate while answering
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