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Are you or your child aspiring to pursue higher education overseas? Look no further than the expert guidance of Karan Gupta Consulting, study abroad consultants in Delhi. With our wealth of knowledge and experience, our dedicated team provides personalized assistance in selecting the right course, university, and country, helping students achieve their academic and career goals abroad. From application support to visa assistance, Karan Gupta Consulting is your trusted partner in making your international education dreams a reality. Explore the world of opportunities with Delhi's finest study abroad consultants and embark on a transformative educational journey and a brighter future.

Delhi Best Consultant for Foreign Education

In-Depth Knowledge of Delhi's Educational Landscape:

We have an in-depth understanding of the local education system. We help students make informed choices about institutions, courses, and scholarships based on their specific requirements and career goals.


Personalized Guidance Tailored to Indian Students:

We are well-versed in the aspirations and challenges that Indian students commonly face when pursuing foreign education. We offer customized advice, taking into account cultural and academic nuances that are crucial for a successful transition.


Comprehensive Information on Visa and Immigration:

Navigating the visa and immigration process can be an uphill task. We have first-hand experience with the procedures and can provide students with detailed guidance on visa applications, ensuring a smoother transition abroad.


Assistance with Scholarship and Financial Aid:

We have extensive knowledge of scholarship opportunities and financial aid options for Indian students. We can help students identify and apply for various funding sources, reducing the financial burden of studying overseas.

What do we offer?

University Selection:

Karan Gupta Consulting assists students in choosing the most suitable universities based on their academic qualifications, career goals, and personal preferences. We guide selecting institutions that offer the desired courses and have a good ranking.


Course and Program Selection:

KGC assists students in identifying the right academic programs that align with their career aspirations and interests. We provide information about the available courses, specializations, and program structures.


Application Assistance:

KGC guides students through the application process for universities or colleges, ensuring that all required documents and forms are completed accurately and submitted on time. We help students prepare strong admission essays, CVs, and personal statements.


Visa Guidance:

We offer valuable advice on the visa application process, including the necessary documentation and eligibility criteria. We help students understand the visa requirements of the destination country and assist in completing visa applications.


Financial Planning:

KGC provides information on the cost of education, available scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. We provide information on tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs.


Scholarships and Financial Aid:

KGC assists students in identifying and applying for scholarships and financial aid opportunities that can help offset the cost of studying abroad. We provide information on merit-based, need-based, and country-specific scholarships.


Pre-Departure Orientation:

We offer pre-departure guidance to help students prepare for their journey abroad. This includes information on culture, accommodation options, health insurance, and what to expect in their new academic and social environment.

Our Services

Karan gupta consulting

1-1 Premium Personalised Counselling

Dr. Karan Gupta along with an assigned personal counselor will help you throughout the counselling process. You will have direct access to Dr. Karan Gupta who will provide you with career guidance, information on studying abroad, a university list, sample documents, and help with finalizing your dream university and guiding you through the visa process. An international team of editors will be editing all your essays and other documents.

Karan gupta consulting

1-1 Personalised Counselling

Dr. Karan Gupta along with an assigned personal counselor will help you throughout the counselling process. Dr. Karan Gupta and our team will provide you with career guidance, information on studying abroad, a university list, sample documents, and help with finalizing your dream university and guiding you through the visa process. An international team of editors will be editing all your essays and other documents.

Karan gupta consulting

On Demand Online Counselling

You will get complete access to our study abroad online modules which contain informative videos by Dr. Karan Gupta, sample documents, readings, quizzes and so on. You can proceed through the entire counselling process at your own pace and will have access to world class study abroad material. This service is designed for students who would like to do most of the application work on their own with limited guidance.

Karan gupta consulting


The purpose of Mentorship Programs is to enhance the existing knowledge and skills from a young age. We understand that some of you may be facing unique challenges. Considering that we have developed a step-by-step detailed module based learning process that includes Career Guidance, Profile building, Skill Development, Mindfulness and Wellness and Psychometric testing. Dr. Karan Gupta will be your mentor.

Success rate

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When to start

Karan gupta consulting


2 years in advance


Karan gupta consulting

1 year

Top Universities

Karan gupta consulting
Karan gupta consulting
Karan gupta consulting
Karan gupta consulting

Success Story

Abhinav Mehta

Abhinav Mehta

Wharton Business School

I approached KGC when I was really confused about the whole process. I wanted information right from which schools to apply to, how to write my applications, how to prepare for the interviews, even which countries to apply for, and what would be good for my profile. Dr Karan Gupta heard my case very patiently and he personally along with the KGC team helped me deliver impactful applications and create an impression in my interviews. After my admissions, he helped me prepare for travelling to the US and guided me on how I should spend my first few months there to get settled into a new ecosystem and start a new life.

Karan Gupta

Abhinav Mehta got accepted into most of the universities he applied to include Yale University, Cornell University, INSEAD and finally chose sports Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Some images and names in the reviews have been changed to protect the privacy of the concerned.

Karan Gupta

Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

As an alumnus of Harvard Business School, IE Business School, and the University of California, I have a wealth of first-hand knowledge on what leading overseas universities are looking for when they assess your application to study abroad. I worked in the Admissions and Finance office of a major US university, giving me particular insight into what you need to do for a successful funding application. I have helped thousands of students achieve their goal to study overseas, and I have placed students for study in Canada, in the USA, the UK, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong and over 60 other countries worldwide. As a specialist overseas education consultant I work with you to make sure that you choose the right country, the right university and the right course for your future.

Our Counselling Services Will Make You

Karan gupta consulting


A dedicated counselor will be helping you throughout the process who will be there to assist you in matters and resolve issues that may arise.

Karan gupta consulting


We will make sure that you are ready for any challenges and hurdles that come your way throughout the application process.

Karan gupta consulting

Stay on track

With the help of scheduled reminders and our personalized timeline for the application process, you will always remain on track.

We Have Helped Students With

Karan gupta consulting

Karan gupta consulting
Below average grades
Karan gupta consulting
Continuing studies

Karan gupta consulting

No work experience

Karan gupta consulting

No extracurricular activities

Karan gupta consulting

No volunteering experience

New Delhi Office

Address – Incube, 5th floor, Punj Essen House, 17-18 Nehru Place, New Delhi, 110 019

Contact no. – +91 9619589236

Opening hours

Mon  10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Tue 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Wed 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Thu 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Fri 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Sat 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Sun Closed


After fixing which course you wish to do, follow our step by step guide to understand what stages you will come across during the application process.

We generally recommend that the minimum number of universities you apply to should be 7-9.

We will provide you with samples for all documents required for the application process and we will edit your essays, statement of purpose, resume, etc. 

We will have brainstorming sessions with you about your video essays and help you with mock sessions for your video interviews.

We do not guarantee visas but since 1999, our success rate has been 100%.

We do not have tie-ups with any universities as we are not agents. We recommend universities to our students after considering their profile and their personal preferences.

In 1-1 personalised counselling, we edit only one essay or SOP for you. You will also have to fill your own application forms. In personalized premium counselling, we take care of the above mentioned aspects too.

Anyone above the age of 12 years will find the Student Mentorship Program helpful as it guides you on how to deal with different facets of your life. If you have a certain goal in mind for the near future, the Student Mentorship Program can help you analyze and achieve it.

If you are aware of the application and visa process for studying abroad and need guidance in a limited capacity, the on demand counseling process is the right fit for you.

We will edit and re-edit certain documents like essays, SOP and resume  for you after you write them. We will provide proper guidelines and samples for all documents you may need throughout the process. We will not be writing, applying for or collecting any documents for you.

You should consider getting professional help from a career counsellor who has the experience and expertise to guide you on how to choose a career path. 

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