Visa Counselling

If you want to study abroad, you will need to be successful in your application for a Student Visa. Navigating your way through the different visa processes is daunting. Receive the sought-after visa and alleviate the stress associated with studying abroad through our clear, straightforward guidance, advice, and coaching. Our students boast a commendable success rate, particularly in their applications for the USA F1 visa and the Canada student visa. Keep in mind that we provide general information and are not authorised Immigration Consultants.

Visa counselling is a service that provides guidance and assistance to students who are going to study abroad. It involves professional guidance and assistance in the visa application process, helping students understand the requirements, prepare necessary documents, and navigate the complex visa process. Visa counselling ensures that the international students submit accurate and complete applications, increasing their chances of obtaining a student visa, which is required for studying abroad.

Countries we provide visa counselling for

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USA F1 Study Visa

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Canada Student Visa

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UK Tier 4 Study Visa

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France Student Visa

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Singapore Student Visa

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Spain Student Visa

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Hong Kong Student Visa

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New Zealand Student Visa

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Dubai Student Visa

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China Study X Visa

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Ireland Student Visa

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Australia Student Visa

Visa Counselling Process

A filled visa application form

A filled visa application form is a necessary document for the visa counseling process, providing essential personal and academic information.


A valid passport

A valid passport is a mandatory requirement to apply for a visa that mentions your nationality.


Passport sized photos

Passport-sized photos are needed for visa applications, The size is specific to the country that you are applying to. 


Proof of admission

Proof of admission confirms that you have been accepted by the university.


Proof of funds to cover the cost of education and living

Proof of funds to cover the cost of education and living is essential, demonstrating that you have the financial means to cover all your expenses.


Proof of English language proficiency

Proof of English language proficiency, often demonstrated through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL, shows your ability to understand the course which is taught in English.

Success rate

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When to start

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3 months before your
academic term starts


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15 days to 30 days

Top Countries

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Success Story

Sneha Ahuja

Sneha Ahuja

McGill University


Thanks to KGC, I was able to get a visa on time. I wasted time in the beginning and did not apply as early as I should have. Well, later on, I panicked and barely had 3 weeks in my hand. The KGC team helped me understand the process and prioritized my tasks for me. This way I got everything ready on time for the application. I am sure that only because my application was so thoroughly checked and full of official supporting material that the Canadian Consulate gave me a visa very fast. Thank you for everything, KGC.


Sneha had secured admission in McGill University, Canada. However, she was confused about the visa application process. Through the guidance that she received from Dr. Gupta and the KGC Team, she successfully got her visa within 3 weeks.

Some images and names in the reviews have been changed to protect the privacy of the concerned.

Timeline for Admissions

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Finalising university

Once you receive offer letters from different universities, you will have to fix the one university you want to go to. Consider the course they are offering, location and how it helps your future while deciding.

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Apply for Visa

After receiving your I-20, you will be able to start your visa application. You need several documents like your I-20, financial papers, copies of transcripts, valid passport, etc. for this process. We can help you get organized and fill your application.

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Receive visa and prepare for departure

After you receive the visa confirmation and your passport back, you should start making travel related preparations. Keeping luggage restrictions in mind, try to keep as many essentials with you as possible for the first few weeks.

Karan gupta consulting
Karan Gupta

Message from Dr. Karan Gupta

I have over 25 years experience as an overseas education consultant and have placed over 50,100 students in overseas universities. I work only with genuine and honest students and help them demystify the visa process and show them how to prepare their applications. I examine all the aspects needed for success including a thorough audit of your financial preparations. For those who are called to interview I prepare you with general interview skills. By guiding students carefully through the many different international systems over 99% of my students are successful in gaining their study visa.

Our Counselling Services Will Make You

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A dedicated counselor will be helping you throughout the process who will be there to assist you in matters and resolve issues that may arise.

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We will make sure that you are ready for any challenges and hurdles that come your way throughout the application process.

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With the help of scheduled reminders and our personalized timeline for the application process, you will always remain on track.

We Have Helped Students With

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Previous rejections

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First time travelling abroad

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Tourist visas

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Long term student visas

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Learning Disabilities

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No work experience

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Yes  After receiving the offer/acceptance letter and the I-20 (or other documents depending on your country) from the university, you can apply for a student visa.

After getting offer letters from universities, follow our step by step guide to understand what stages you will come across during the application process.

We will help you apply for one visa application.  We do not guarantee visas and only work with honest and genuine students.

We do not help you with any documents. It is your job to use authentic documents for the visa process. If we find that any of your documents are not genuine, we will alert the appropriate authorities immediately. 

We will have brainstorming sessions with you and help you with figure out your goals.

We do not guarantee visas but since 1999, our success rate has been 100%.

We do not have tie-ups with any universities as we are not agents. We recommend universities to our students after considering their profile and their personal preferences.

The charges for the visa application will be paid by you and are not included in the visa counselling fees.

We will not be writing, applying for or collecting any documents for you. You must get your own documents.

The appointment schedule is completely dependent on the particular consulate you are applying through. We have no control over which date you get and for the same reason we recommend you apply for the visa 4 months before your academic term begins.

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