Study visa for Australia, Study visa for UK and Study Visa for Canada

Study visa for Australia, Study visa for UK and Study Visa for Canada

Karan Gupta tells you how to apply for the ABC student visa


Applying for the Australian, British and Canadian visa is largely document based and in almost all cases you will not need to attend an interview with a visa officer. This also means that you have to be very careful in following instructions and meet specific visa application requirements for each of these countries. The process of obtaining a visa can take as long as 3 months and hence it is prudent to start the process early.


In general, you are required to provide detailed proof of how you plan to pay for your education. Bank statements for the past 6 months, fixed deposit receipts, mutual funds and share demat accounts are some of the documents that you can submit along with your application to show your financial solvency. Keep in mind that for the UK student visa, your entire tuition fees, living expenses and maintenance expenses must be in a savings bank account in your name for a period of at least 1 month before you apply for your visa. In case you decide to withdraw any funds from this account, the lowest balance in the last one month will be counted towards your visa requirement. In case the bank account is in your father’s name, you will need your birth certificate and an affidavit of support from your father to establish your financial capability. And be sure to include only nationalized banks as co-op banks will not be accepted.


Canada student visa applicants are advised to pay their housing and living costs in advance (CAD$10,000) to either ICICI Bank Canada or Scotia Bank in Canada and obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) before applying for a visa. The money sent to these banks will be given back to you with interest per month when you arrive in Canada. This is the recommended process for all Canadian student visa applicants applying under the Student Partners Program (SPP). If, however, you do not wish to send your money in advance, be sure to show sufficient funds in your savings bank account when you apply for your visa. If you wish to show an education loan for your funding proof, you are permitted to do so provided that the loan is from a nationalized and reputed bank.


You almost always should include your IELTS score sheet with your visa application. And in some cases, there are minimum scores that compulsorily have to be submitted – for example for a UK student visa (Tier 4) you should have an IELTS score of 5.5 (total and in all sections). Keep in mind that the consulates may insist on a Secure IELTS (SELT) and hence if you have taken the IELTS long ago, there is a chance that the score may not be accepted.


The UK, Australian and Canadian visa requirements include a medical report from approved doctors and without a medical report your visa application will stay incomplete. In most cases you will be required to undergo a Tuberculosis test and possibly a chest X-ray.


For a student visa to Australia, you should also include your statement of purpose or why you wish to study in Australia with a detailed plan of what you plan to do after your education.


The visa processing time can range from 15 days to 3 months. For the UK, you are permitted to apply for priority processing which will set you back by an additional Rs.15700 but you can expect your visa to be processed in 5 working days. The cost for a UK student visa is around Rs.28700, Canada student visa is around Rs.7500 and Australian student visa fee is around Rs.27000.


For some students, the thought of an interview is nerve wracking. Fortunately very few students are actually selected for interviews for student visas for Australia, UK and Canada. Be meticulous and follow all instructions and apply early and you should have no trouble in getting your student visa.

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