Offbeat courses in Canada

Offbeat courses in Canada

Want to study something different? Not follow the herd? Karan Gupta takes you through the offbeat courses in Canada


Comedy - Let’s say that you’ve always been the funny one in your family or among your friends and you love to make people laugh, then why not make a career out of it? Enrol at the 4 semester Comedy: Writing and Performance program at Humber College to learn the various facets of comedy including standup, improvisation, scriptwriting, sketch comedy, gain an insight into the commercial side and get a chance to perform at the weekly Humber student shows at Yuk Yuk’s and Comedy Club, Toronto’s premier comedy venues. Applicants must meet the academic and additional requirements to be eligible for admission which include the IELTS exam.


Golf Management -  If you are an avid golfer or someone who wishes to work in the golf industry, then an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Golf Management) would be the perfect platform for you to land your dream job. The program at Georgian is one of its kind in business management with an applied focus on the golf industry. Moreover, the program includes field trips to numerous golf properties and playing privileges at many golf courses.  On completing the 4 year program you can expect to find a variety of opportunities. You could become a professional player, golf instructor, golf course manager, golf project manager, golf retail manager, golf association executive or you could also work with manufacturers of golf equipment. So think no further and tee off.


Poker- Fancy playing and analysing a variety of casino games and poker as part of your curriculum? Then welcome to University of Ottawa’s Probability and Games of Chance: Poker 101, a class that uses math behind game theory and probability to predict the outcomes in legal cases, biology and economics. The course uses game theory to better understand  bargaining situations, negotiations, and to apply it to economics, politics, and of course to poker. It also uses probability theory to facilitate understanding odds and expected value and focuses on concepts such as risk ruin. Various case studies bring to light various cognitive biases, common reasoning fallacies and other mistakes we are prone to when making decisions. The course is open to everyone and doesn’t require a mathematical background except for elementary high school algebra.


Facebook -  Get university credit and make a career out of spending time on Facebook. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? University of Guelph has one such course that uses Facebook as a medium to impart knowledge and research skills associated with societal and social psychological impact of social media in our lives. One cannot deny that Facebook has deeply impacted various aspects of our personal and social lives even though only a few Facebook users reflect on its impact. The 1 credit course aims at enhancing your written and oral communication, critical thinking and self-reflection while providing academic research skills.   


Floral Design- Partner with nature, work with natural flowers or man made items and create floral arrangements for various occasions. The 2 semesters ( 8 months) certificate program at Seneca College will equip you with  in depth  knowledge including properties of flowers , practical skills and business knowledge necessary to succeed as a floral designer. The course integrates theory and practical work and an on-the-job stint for approximately 200 hours. On completing the course, you can work as a floral designer, sales consultant or management trainee in retail flower shops, gift shops, corporate events and department stores. There are no special requirements for this course and it is open to all.


Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts - Let the smell of freshly baked bread, cakes or cookies fill up your workplace and let the two semesters  lab intensive Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts graduate certificate program at Durham College prepare you with additional skills that are instrumental in broadening your employment opportunities. Training is provided through demonstrations, lectures, hands-on practice in labs and culinary and pastry facilities, at the state-of-the-art W. Galen Weston Centre for Food (CFF). Special emphasis is given on using locally grown ingredients. To qualify for application you need a Diploma in Culinary Management or related culinary discipline or  completion of Cook apprentice Level 1 and 2 or Red Seal Cook or Red Seal Chef.

Bachelor of Wildlife Conservation - Animal lovers and wildlife conservationists must not miss out on this two year post diploma degree course offered by the University of Prince Edward Island. The program consists of a minimum of twenty courses, fifteen of which are compulsory. The course is open to all graduates of accredited NAWTA programs. It includes foundational science courses, advanced analytical courses in the environmental sciences, and electives in scientific and social issues involved in conservation management that complement the rigorous field training which involves directly interacting with wildlife and is an integral part of the practical aspect of this program.


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