How to reapply for a US visa and UK admissions

How to reapply for a US visa and UK admissions

Written by Overseas Education Consultant and Study Abroad Career Counsellor in Mumbai, Karan Gupta

“The visa officer hardly asked me two questions and denied my student visa, stating that I am a potential immigrant,” says Vinit Malji (name changed). After a careful analysis of Vinit’s circumstances, it was revealed that Vinit had a brother who lived in San Jose and the university Vinit was planning to attend was San Jose State University. The visa officer may have believed that Vinit will settle down with his brother. This is one possible reason why Vinit’s visa application was denied. 

“The visa officer was very happy with all my answers and did not check a single document. However, at the end of the interview, he denied my visa and said that I am not eligible for a student visa,” says Rajdeep Shah (name changed). Rajdeep’s father’s income is Rs. 2 lacs and his liquid assets amount to Rs. 10 lacs. Rajdeep was not sure of his career goals and was unclear as to why he had chosen Computer Science as his field of study. Since Rajdeep’s finances were not enough to pay for his education at the University of Southern California, his visa was denied.

This year, the US consulate has issued visas to practically every student who applied. The consulate has issued more than 70,000 non immigrant visas since Jan 2004. However, there are certain parameters which you have to follow in order to get a student visa. During your visa interview, the visa officer types up relevant information and states his reasons for denial or acceptance of a student visa application (you are seldom told precise reasons). If your visa is denied and you reapply, the new visa officer will make reference to the notes made by the old visa officer. 

In Vinit’s case, it will be very difficult for him to get his visa if he reapplies. Vinit’s visa 
officer most likely has made a comment about Vinit’s brother living in the US and Vinit settling in the US along with his brother. If he reapplies, the new visa officer may deny his visa application on these grounds without even hearing Vinit out. However, if Vinithas new information about his brother coming back to India or if Vinit, himself, has strong reasons to come back to India, he may just get lucky. 

Rajdeep, on the other hand, has a good chance of getting his visa if he reapplies. Rajdeep can add his family as his sponsors and show not only his father’s, but also his entire family’s assets. He can thoroughly research why he wants to attend USC, why Computer Science and how this degree would help him when he came back to India. If Rajdeep prepares his answers well, he has an excellent chance of obtaining a student visa the second time.

If your US visa has been denied you are permitted to keep applying till you get your visa. There is no restriction to the number of times you can apply. However, the applicants who are successful in obtaining a student visa for the second time, have new circumstances, and are better prepared. Following are some of the things you can do to increase your chances of getting a visa the second time:

1. Make sure there is something new in your application. You can have new papers, new information or additional finances.

2. Try and understand why you were denied a visa and tackle the weak points in your application.

3. Be well prepared and have a plan. Know why you are attending a particular university, your career goals, what you plan on doing when you come back to India and so on.

4. Be confident in your answers

5. Don’t change your circumstances completely. For instance, don’t change the university you are going to and the major you are doing. You will weaken your own case by doing so, as the second visa officer will feel that you were never sure of your original university and hence you have changed it.


You can still apply for UK admissions

In case you decide that you do not want to reapply for your US visa consider applying to UK colleges. Some colleges in the UK are still open for admission and students can apply as late as August for admission in UK. Of course, you may not see the top universities open for admissions, but you may still find an institution of repute where you can complete your higher education. Universities such as Middlesex University, American Intercontinental University, University of Hertfordshire, Oxford Brookes University, University of Leeds and University of Edinburgh are some of the institutions where you can apply for admission even now.

Graduate students can directly apply to the university for admissions but undergraduate students must apply to these universities through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS). The UCAS advises applicants to apply before June 30 th but will consider applications received even after this date. The UCAS, however, would not guarantee sending of forms or admission offers if you apply after this date. However, undergraduate students applying to private universities in the UK can apply directly to the university. 

It would be a good idea to add in your statement of purpose why you are applying 
so late for admissions. The admissions committee would appreciate your frankness and honesty; so if you are applying to the UK because your US visa was denied, tell this to the admissions committee.

The US visa is not all that difficult to obtain. The US consulate, by issuing thousands of 
nonimmigrant visas, has put to rest all rumors that visas will be difficult to obtain. Go well prepared for your US visa interview, carry all supporting documents, keeping in mind that the most important thing to carry with you is your confidence.

Karan Gupta is the leading international education and career consultant in Mumbai, India. Since 1999, he has given career counseling and has helped thousands of students with study abroad and get admission and visas to universities and colleges in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and EU and also helps them get scholarships, loans and financial aid. In addition to aptitude tests and career counseling, his firm also provides training and coaching for the GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT and PTE exams. Karan Gupta is the best study abroad career counsellor, consultant and career guidance expert in Mumbai.

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