How an MBA can help your career

How an MBA can help your career

The MBA is one of the most popular degrees in the world. Dr. Karan Gupta tells you how an MBA can help your Career

Everyone knows that earning your MBA is a great way to propel your career, but not everyone understands why exactly this is the case. An MBA offers a potential business professional a range of benefits, many of which can be life changing. From the obvious benefits of learning valuable new skills and gaining better job prospects, to those that aren’t so obvious such as networking potential, acquiring an MBA can be one of the greatest decisions that a student can make.

Increase Your Potential Income

One of the primary reasons that a person decides to pursue an MBA is for the purposes of increasing their earning potential. It has been shown that those who earn an MBA will receive a higher salary, oftentimes more than doubling it in the years following their graduation. How much of a salary increase you receive may be dependent on the university you attend, as those who graduate from more widely recognised and prestigious business schools tend to make more than those who go to less reputable universities.

Greatly Improved Job Security

Whether you’re already employed and are just looking to increase your value, or you’re looking for a new job with a great salary, having an MBA will leave you confident when it comes to your job prospects. This is because it’s well known among employers that hiring professionals who have an MBA adds value to a company. In fact, when interviewed, recruiters have made it clear that many corporate clients will not even consider any candidate unless they’re holding an MBA.

Transferrable Skills

The skills that you will gain while pursuing your MBA are applicable to a variety of different industries. While most MBA graduates tend to focus on the business and finance sectors, these are not the only options available. Through your MBA you’ll learn to better manage your time and how to lead a team. You’ll also gain improved critical thinking abilities, enhanced knowledge of accounting software, and understand how to be a better public speaker as well as many other useful skills that are applicable to just about any career that you could imagine. For these reasons you will find MBA holders in a wide variety of careers, including non-profits, government, tech, healthcare, marketing, consumer goods, as well as a variety of other exciting industries. This is why so many students decide to pursue their MBA, because its application can be so broad. So regardless of your industry, there’s an excellent chance that an MBA can help you to propel your career forward.

Opportunities for Networking

One of the best ways to advance your career is by making valuable business connections. During your time in business school you will be surrounded by many other talented and highly motivated individuals from around the globe, many of whom may go on to become the next corporate leaders and CEOs. Your alumni community will provide you countless opportunities to stay engaged not only with your university, but also with the many different industry sectors that your fellow classmates become a part of. The value of these connections cannot be overstated. The people you meet throughout your education are often one of the most vital assets that you will gain during your time in university.

Higher Potential to Receive Promotions

If you’re happy with your current career, but are looking for a way to set yourself apart from the crowd and increase your prominence in the company, an MBA can be an excellent option for you. Earning your MBA will prove to your employer that you take your position in the company seriously, and are willing to do what’s necessary in order to get ahead. By gaining the skills required to efficiently and effectively run a team you will greatly increase the likelihood that you will receive that next big promotion when a position becomes available.

Learn to Be an Effective Leader

One of the benefits that any MBA student will receive is the ability to be an effective leader in a corporate environment. You will become an expert in what it takes to carry a team through a project from start to finish. From motivating team members, to understanding what makes them tick, an MBA will make you an ideal candidate for any leadership position that you may have your eye on. This is true across many different sectors, as most individuals with leadership positions—regardless of the industry—are current MBA graduates.

Earning your MBA can oftentimes be a long and arduous task. But as is true with most things that require a lot of hard work and dedication, it also comes with great rewards. Those with an MBA enjoy many invaluable benefits to their careers including greater job security, higher salaries, better job positions, and a range of irreplaceable business connections. By learning what it takes to effectively manage a business, you’ll demonstrate value to any current or potential employer in ways that cannot be replicated through any other means.

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