Engineering in the US

Engineering in the US

Written by Overseas Education Consultant and Study Abroad Career Counsellor in Mumbai, Karan Gupta

I am Vikram, final tear B tech..(Instrumentation and control engg)from NIT jalandhar Given GRE twice and got scores as 1290(770Q+520V+4.5 AWA) and 1300(800+500+5.0 AWA) in first and second attempts respectively.. I wish to do MS in US in the ECE field..(Digital signal processing field) So suggest me what universities can i apply...I mean the range of rankings to which i can apply so that i get a confirmation for sure.. Money is also a constraint but willing to finance myself if i get a seat in a top university.. What are my sure shot univ with and without seeking aid.. Vikram Kone

Without knowing your detailed engineering semester results it is difficult to predict in which universities you will get admission to. If you are a first class student and among the top 5-10% of your class, you can consider applying to the top 20 or top 30 universities (ranked by US News) such as University of Southern California, Purdue University, University of Texas at Austin and so on.

Hi Karan, You have to really help me on this. I am s/w engineer and got 2yrs exp as of July 05. I am planning for my higher studies in the US (FALL 2007). I am going to write my GRE+ TOEFL in the month of March 2006. Will there be sufficient time for the whole process (Application + Acknowlegment + VISA + Ticket + Everything)? Please Advice me with the time I should expect for each of the process, so that I could reach there by FALL 07? Thanks a lot  (Karthik J

You have ample time for admissions for the fall 2007 semester. If you take your GRE and TOEFL by March 2006, you should work on your application documents such as your SOP, resume, transcripts etc. and mail out your applications for admission by Nov or Dec 2006. You can apply for your visa by June 2007.

hi i am a mechanical engineer with 2 years of work experience. i want to do MS in the USA. my 1 to 8 semester aggregate in BE is 75%. i recently gave the gre exam and my score is 1160 which i know is not great. what are my chances of getting admission in a decent university? which universities would you suggest? Vinay Pai

Most universities lay more emphasis on your past academics than just the GRE score. In fact admission to a university in the US is a combination of GRE scores, past academic records, achievements in the field of your study and so on. Since your academic percentage is 75%, you are qualified to apply in top universities such as University of Southern California and so on.

Dear Sir, I m a third yr Diploma Student in Mechanical Branch from Aligarh Muslim University. After completing my Diploma I want to go abroad to study more in Aeronautical field but I m very confused as I m a middle class studentand unable to pay their high fees. Sir, would you please give me information about college which give any type of scholarship or help for me. I will be very Thankful to you. waiting to hear you soon. Your's Vaibhav Gupta


In order to apply for a Masters degree in the US, you require a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. Scholarships in US universities comprise of graduate assistantships which are Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships. These awards pay for your tuition as well as living expenses but are very hard to obtain. Only students with excellent academics and a high GRE score usually get these awards.

My name is Ali ammar mateen,I live in hyderabad Pakistan and my qualification is (1).I will be completing my graduation as B.Engineering in ELCTRONICS BY 2007-08. (I am a good student but for some personal reasons i have not been so, i have been keeping 2.5 GPA but looking forward to improve it to 3.0 or higher). 

NOTE:-I want further graduate education in Aerospace Engineering i.e- M.Eng,M.A.Sc or Phd.


My periorrities for further graduate education are

(a) Good university
(b) I qualify "for usa & canada"
(c) Money matters
(d) Visa & working in USA
(e) Accomudation

For admission to a Master’s program at a US University you need to have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree and GRE and TOEFL scores. Tuition fees at US universities vary from $10,000 to $30,000 yearly. To obtain a US visa you will have to demonstrate that you have the funds to pay for your entire education and that you will return to your home country after completing your course. While studying you are allowed to work 20 hours on campus. Most international students in the US stay off campus in shared accommodations.

Dear Sir, 
I have keen intrest to become Pilot and for this career I have two question in mind.

1) How can I pursue my career in India & abroad. Which will be the better option in terms of finance & reputed CPL provider academy.

2) What will be the scope in future for choosing this career as right now I am 27 years old & how fast I can finish my pilot training.

Please provide me the immediate information on this. Thanking you, Aaditya Kashyap 
You can obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in India or overseas. To obtain a CPL in India you need to pass 5 exams and have at least 250 flying hours. The costs are approximately Rs.9 lacs. If you want to obtain your CPL outside India, your costs will go up to approximately Rs.15 to Rs.20 lacs. As of now the aviation sector is doing very well and most airlines are recruiting pilots. We cannot be certain that this trend will continue in the future although it is the current trend.

Hi Karan, Could you advice me on which dictionary I am suppose to refer to prepare for the American GMAT exam. No one is helping me out on this info , and I need to increase my word list. Thanks & Regards Mohit Goe

The english section of the GMAT exam focusses on grammar and not vocabluary. However, it’s easier to understand the sentences and passages with a better vocabluary. You should use the Official Guide to GMAT for preparation and if you need to refer to a dictionary, you can use the Oxford dictinioary.


I am preparing for the TOEFL test. I think i'm kind of gud at ma grammar,so i find the second section (i.e) the structure section easy n i'm able do k wit the listening part a i mean the short conversation but wthen its comin 2 lenghty i'm gettin confused,so can i take dowm the synopsis also but my reading is gettin al worst.. the problem wth me is dat though i try to concentrate i'm unable 2 get the complete synopsis and since the choices for the question are all tha same wat they tlk,i'm markin the wrong answers,i dono how i'll b able 2 do day,plz try helpin me of this.. i'm k wid the essays coz i think i'l practise still better..but plz gimmie the proper suggestion n help me out of this coz i really need a gud score very badly coz ma aggregate s not dat pl....i'll surely follow watever u tel me..i'm usin da website n cliff's 4 da prep... so plz rply bak n don disappoint me..take care, byeee shweta Kammilli

The only thing I can recommend in your case is practice. Practice the TOEFL tests from Cliffs, Powerprep, Barrons and so on. The more you practice the easier you will find the listening section. If you still cannot cope, I would recommend that you take a class from a professional tutor.

Hi Karan Could you pls. explain the credits system that some of the Univs have in the U.S.  (Example : 1 fall semester ( Eight credit hours)... 60 credit program... ) etc regards Vineet Goyal

Each class at a US university is assigned credits. A three credit class means that the class will meet for three hours per week for the semester. (Some universities such as University of Pennsylvania may use another credit format). Therefore, if you enroll for 4 classes in a semester, and each class is assigned 3 credit hours, your total course load will be 12 credits, which means that you will attend class for 12 hours a week. If your university requires you to have 60 credits to graduate, you will have to complete 20 classes over the course of your degree, assuming that each class is worth 3 credits.

hii i'v completed my from N.M.College with first class.i had been to an interview for on spot admission and was told to apply on the basis of my academic records and work experience.however i'v not given my IELTS. But i was told by the representative of that university as not to worry since english was my first language and i'v scored 75% in english in 10th std. and 80% in my 12th.but i'v been told that not appearing for IELTS may be a handicap as it is one of the main requirements. please note that im planning to go to UK in Sept. 2005.kindly advice me what to do. Avni Shah

Are you referring to the UK visa requirements? It may be helpful to have an IELTS score although it is not a requirement. The IELTS is not a difficult exam and most students who have studied in English speaking universities usually do not face a problem with the IELTS. You can even take the TOEFL exam if you wish. For information on the IELTS and TOEFL is available online at and

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