Offbeat courses in UK

Offbeat courses in UK

Unsure about what your university degree should be? Don’t want to follow the herd? Dr. Karan Gupta lists some of the most unusual and offbeat study options available to you


Baking Science and Technology (Management) – This two year foundation course offered by London South Bank University will help you become a baking technologist. In addition, you will also develop managerial skills which are directly related to business in the baking industry. After the course you will be able to diagnose operational problems and also recommend industrial solutions in baking.

Masters degree in Brewing and Distilling - Are you interested in knowing how alcohol is made? Then consider this Masters degree in Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University. This course prepares students to work in malting, brewing or distilling industries. You can even conduct research after doing this course. While studying this course you will learn a wide variety of subjects from Wort Boiling, Fermentation and Beer Maturation and chemical engineering, to business studies and production management. The course typically admits students from science and engineering backgrounds and hence students with commerce backgrounds may not be eligible for this Masters degree.

Puppetry – Design and Performance – If you had fun playing with puppets as a child and want a career in Puppetry, this 3 year Bachelor of Arts degree from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama could be a great option for you. Once you study this course you will be able to create and design as well as perform with puppets. You will also be ready to take on performance projects and showcase your skills in front of large audiences. Admissions are open to students from various backgrounds and you can be a student from just about any discipline to get admission to this course.

International Spa Management - Do you love massages and enjoy a day pampering yourself at the spa? If yes, then a degree in International Spa Management at the University of Derby would be a good option for you. Some of the subjects you will study include Marketing and Communication, the Global Spa and Wellness Concept, Spa Consumption: Theory and Practice, Treatment Philosophy and Physiology, Advanced Treatment Philosophy and Physiology, Introduction to Higher Education and Professional Development for Spa Managers, Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership, Spa Facilities and Operations Supervision and Spa Financial Performance. For admissions you will need to have Math and English among your subjects and will apply for the course through the UCAS form.

Peace and Conflict studies – Do you wish to make a difference in the world and provide solutions for peace? If yes, then pursuing a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict studies at the University of Manchester may be a good idea. Some of the topics that you will cover include key issues and debates related to the theories of peace and practices of peacebuilding, statebuilding, conflict management, resolution, and transformation. You will also learn about international governance structures, statebuilding, and the role of key actors and institutions including NGOs and military and other security actors. In order to apply for admissions, you need to have a Bachelors degree in just about any subject. No specific Math or Science skills are needed for this course.


Harry Porter studies - Are you obsessed with Harry Potter or want to learn why Harry Porter became such a popular worldwide phenomenon? Then a course at Durham University might be right for you. While this is not a complete degree, you can study the social and cultural context of Harry Porter in today’s society. Some of the topics you will study include Gryffindor and Slytherin and Welcome to Hogwarts.


Surf Science and technology – At Cornwall College in the UK you can study a Foundation course in Surf Science and Technology. This is a 2 year full time course and as per Cornwall’s website you will learn topics such as “the sport of surfing, surfing businesses, business planning which is related to the surfing industry, event management, environmental science, human exercise science, principles of psychology and coaching, design and manufacture of surf boards, the environment and human impacts on it, the development of surfing culture and history, sport-related media and politics, the geographical and climatic influences on surfing.”

Sexual Health studies - Are you curious about the human body or want a career helping people understanding and practicing safe sex? If yes, then a Master’s degree in Sexual Health Studies at the University of Central Lancashire will be a good option for you. As per their website you will gain “knowledge of the impact of Sexual Health on the individual and wider community from a broad perspective, including: contraception, unplanned pregnancy, sexual health, asymptomatic screening for STI’s, blood borne viruses, sexual health policy, safeguarding, sex and relationships education, motivational interviewing and enhanced communication skills.  You will have the opportunity to learn key practical skills including rapid HIV testing, pregnancy testing, asymptomatic STI Screening and venepuncture.”

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