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General Info

The visa application process for Spain is relatively straightforward and if you visit the Spanish Consulate or Embassy with all the required documents, your visa can be granted after just one visit. However, the catch is that the student visa requires approval from Madrid and hence the process can take 1-2 months before the visa is actually approved and stamped in your passport.

How to Apply

Carry the following documents at the visa application centre:

Complete the visa application form and pay the application fee
Current and all old passports and the original visa fee payment receipt
Acceptance letter
Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in Spain
School and college transcripts and standardized test score sheets
Medical records translated in Spanish and legalized
Police Clearance Certificate translated in Spanish and legalized

The Embassy or Consulate of Spain will make a decision using the documents you submit. If required you may be called for an interview.

Interview tips:

  1. BE HONEST and straightforward in all your answers
  2. Be sure of your answers but at the same time be polite
  3. Be confident about yourself
  4. Don't hesitate while answering
  5. Make eye contact while talking
  6. Don't give any papers unless specifically asked for

KGC Visa Services:

Over the years we at KGC have had tremendous success in helping students obtain visas. We scrutinize your financial documents to make sure that you have a viable plan to pay for your education. As soon as your ‘visa file’ is ready, we conduct mock interviews and ask you all the questions likely to be asked by visa officers.

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