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General Info

Hong Kong follows a very interesting student visa process wherein the institute where you have got admission will apply for your visa with the immigration authorities in Hong Kong. This process eliminates the need to visit the Chinese Embassy or the Chinese Consulate General in your home country.

How to Apply

Send the following original documents to the university where you have got acceptance:

Application forms
Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in Hong Kong
Recent photograph

Send copies of the following documents:

Current and all old passports and the original visa fee payment receipt
School and college transcripts and standardized test score sheets
Medical records

If your application is approved you will be mailed a visa sticker which you can affix to your passport and travel.

KGC Visa Services:

Over the years we at KGC have had tremendous success in helping students obtain visas. We scrutinize your financial documents to make sure that you have a viable plan to pay for your education. As soon as your ‘visa file’ is ready, we conduct mock interviews and ask you all the questions likely to be asked by visa officers.

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