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    Mihir Selvadia

    In the beginning I was very confused whether I should go to the US for my undergrads but after consulting Karan sir I have finally made my decision and he has guided me well throughout the procedure. He and his KGC team have helped me well with my document work and they were always available whenever I needed help. I am very happy with the counseling and I would recommend KGC to others.

    Michigan State University

    Archit Manek

    I always wanted to study abroad and now it’s come true thanks to KGC. The entre application process can be intimidating unless you have someone to guide you. Karan and his staff members have been really helpful and they made the entire process much easier for me. They have all the required resources to make sure the student don’t face any problem.

    Northeastern University

    Riday Thakur

    I did not realise how hard the admission process was until I came here. Karan and everyone else have really helped me out a lot and anytime I needed help you all were always there. All my other friends had to beg and please their counselors for time. I would any day recommend anyone for KGC thanks a lot.

    Santa Clara University

    Tushar Sainani

    KGC has been a great help to me for the entire admission procedure. Specially before my visa interview they prepped me so well without which all the efforts put in would be useless. Karan is a great guy and the one on one conversation with him clears out a lot of doubts and gets u prepared for your future.

    Syracuse University

    Jairaj Ruparelia

    I had heard five different opinions from five different people about how to apply for admission to the United States. When I came to Karan Gupta I was guided in the correct manner and I had very few doubts, which were all cleared by the KGC team. The KGC team has helped me from the start to the finish and I would highly recommend their counselling services to other.

    Purdue university

    Quresh Karachiwala

    I was pretty vague about my future education from the course to choice, to all the general producer recruiter in order to archive the right knowledge and information for me to suit my academic and career needs. The KGC team helped me guide my way through and were instrumental in getting me admission to the program & university of my choice. I hope they can be of the same help to other students.

    Northumbria University

    Melroy Miranda

    Very happy with the services and promptness. I also have a lot of gratitude for Karan for helping me for my scholarship. Also the staff has been really informative. Thanks once again.

    University of Oxford

    Siddharth Pradhan

    I am really glad not to have chosen any other counselor for Consulting. The KGC Team Rocks!

    Syracuse University

    Adarsh Naidu

    KGC’s endorsements are majority through mouth publicity of its students & I believed it’s the medium of publicity that one can really count on. Karan Sir & the staff has greatly put in every bit of efforts to accomplish a dream that I had seen. For a financially less strong case like mine,KGC has proven to be instrumental in counseling me to an extent that finances weren’t an issue any more. KGC’s success lies in its ability to deal with each student differently on an account of their back ground. Thank you KGC.

    University of Oklahoma

    Pranav Kesarkar

    The KGC team is very helpful and without their help I could not imagine applying to a single university. I appreciate all the efforts put in by Karan and the KGC team and would surely recommend their services to all my friends.

    New Jersey Institute of Technology