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    Maulik Mehta

    KGC has been very good throughout my application process and the visa process was excellent. Keep up the good work!

    University of Maryland

    Tweesha Shah

    The SAT classes at KGC helped me a lot. I was very weak with my grammar and vocabulary but with the teacher’s guidance, I turned them into my strengths. In math too, I was extremely weak in algebra, but with the wide range of practice material, I improved. Although I had applied to few universities other than those suggested, I have chosen to attend the one Karan put on my list. KGC has been very helpful for both my university and visa application process.

    The University Of Arizona

    Shailee Mehta

    The KGC team, especially Karan Gupta were of great help doing my application process. They were extremely cooperative & provided the adequate resources to ensure that my entire admission process ran smoothly.

    The University of Chicago

    Rajesh Gada

    First of all a big thank you to the KGC team and Karan Gupta for their corporation.The KGC team was really helpful throughout the process, roght from my applications till the visa process. Particularly they have really helped me in my paperwork hats off for their excellent job. I am very happy with the counselling services, and I believe that KGC team is the best team.

    New York Institute of Technology

    Sumaira Dhanani

    The service which I got was awesome. At any point of time if I ever needed any guidance they were always there especially the KGC team . My paper work was much easier due to the help I got. And highly recommend KGC to other students. You are the best. Good luck!

    London Metropolitan University

    Shrihari Gangula

    Yes I would definitely recommend your services to all the students. KGC team has helped me a lot preparing my documents, applying to universities & the visa mocks were very helpful and it really boosted my confidence.

    New Jersey Institute Of Technology

    Namita Manohar

    I am very happy with the counseling services provided to me by KGC for the following reasons: 1. The counseling was thorough and not confusing. 2. It was personalized and I could make appointments with Karan & his team with ease. 3. The entire team was helpful especially in answering my numerous queries on phone. 4. I was provided excellent advice by Karan. I have already recommended KGC to others interested.”

    University of Florida

    Harsh Shah

    KGC has been extremely helpful. The staff is very well known to the process and The best part is that each and every member of the staff knows about the application process that is going on with each student.It would have been very difficult for me to crack the Masters application process without KGC. The staff is very helpful and Karan sir takes very confident decisions which instill confidence into the student Thank you very much for your tremendous help and support.

    University of Southern California

    Samantika Subramaniam

    Everyone at KGC is very helpful and well informed about the entire admission process and this made things simple for me. Karan was very helpful in selecting my university as well as in my visa preparation which is very crucial. I highly recommend KGC to all the students.

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Sejal Jiwani

    Like everyone even I was confused and apprehensive but the KGC team instilled confidence in me and guided me through the entire process. Special thanks to Karan – he’s been amazing help. I have already recommended kgc to 5 students!! Good luck to the KGC team. Cheers!!

    University of Washington