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    Vikrant Bhosle

    Keep up the good work. All the very Best to all the students.

    Johns Hopkins University

    Sumit Khatri

    Karan & his staff were very helpful with the admission procedure and short listing the universities. Karan is very friendly and his mock interview prepared me for the main day (though none of those questions were asked). I recommend Karan Gupta to all aspiring students.

    Texas A&M University

    Pooja Mehta

    The most important step in applying aboard is choosing the right counselor and by choosing KGC, I made the easiest decision. Not only has KGC & Karan Gupta helped me tremendously in selection of universities and upgrading my documents but also through the visa and now pre departure. I am thankful to the KGC team and especially to Karan for all their help and support. Thank You.

    Ohio State University

    Nishant Singh

    Very friendly staff and obviously very helpful. Three bullets to describe: • Professional • Friendly • Well informed. I would surely recommend any friends.

    New York University

    Hruta Shah

    The lengthy, time consuming and overwhelming admission process was made much easier because of Karan Gupta and his team. All my questions and doubts were patiently and satisfactorily answered. I was also very happy with the editing of the essays. Great Job! and Thank you very much.

    Rutgers University

    Gargi Shah

    KGC was particularly helpful when it came to assisting me with my essays. I had no idea on how to write my SOP but the SOP workshop, corrections & the modifications made by the KGC team was very constructive. They made the process of application appear very simple.

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    Manan Agarwal

    I was really confused whether to study abroad. It was then when I approached KGC and they helped me make a choice. The KGC team was very co-operative and helped me at each and every stage of the admission process. They made sure that I apply to Universities of my liking. I am fully satisfied with the KGC team and they helped me get through a university of my choice.

    Arizona State University

    Rishabh Alaap Singh

    Karan Gupta and his team are very organised and professional on their approach towards foreign studies. I was particularly impressed by the extensive paperwork received, that provided, information, to the last detail, of what I would require. KGC’s professionalism, now that’s what I like!!

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Pooja Aggarwal

    KGC has been helpful all through the application process, right from preparing my app. packages to getting ready for my visa interview. Always just a phone call away, KGC has been a source of stress relief in many cases. On the whole, a good experience. I’m glad I chose KGC!!

    Duke University

    Namrata Kanuga

    Applying for studies abroad is extremely difficult but KGC is perfect consulate to tackle that problem KGC helps in all steps of application and I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

    Kingston University