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    Shraddha Chougule

    Many friends and websites advised not taking up consultancy services. But I really feel that Karan Gupta Consulting did a great job and helped me get into my dream university. I would certainly recommend KGC to all aspiring juniors.

    Georgetown University

    Vishal Gehani

    The application process is confusing and some help is always useful for most of the students. The guidance provided by the KGC team was very insightful. I interacted mainly with Karan Gupta and the counsellors. I was unsure about how to proceed with the SOP & resume. The KGC team helped me a lot with the SOP workshops and made the visa process easier by conducting mock interviews and workshops. I recommend the KGC counseling services to students applying aboroad, to make the application process smooth and problem free.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Vinita Bulsara

    Being completely alien to the whole application and visa process, the KGC team has guided me at every stage. I am glad that I enrolled for the tuition as well as the counselling services and completely satisfied with my experience at KGC.

    Columbia University

    Nazim Pethani

    Before taking up KGC, I had no idea as to what I was supposed to do. Taking up KGC was the best thing I’ve done. It was very helpful and I was guided well throughout the process. KGC made it very very easy for me.

    University of Southern California

    Arka Ray

    Karan and his team simplified the immense work involved with the entire process especially since I didn't have time and since most top schools insist on completing all the details.In fact KGC made the process quite enjoyable. From reviewing my recommendation letters and essays to organising material in the mailing packets,KGC took care of everything.Their efforts paid off as I secured admission to some top U.S. universities including Ivy league schools. I am extremely grateful to KGC for directing me in the most important decision of my life.

    University of California, Berkeley

    Anushka Srimankar

    I am very happy with the help and support I received from the KGC team during the admission process as well as during the mock interviews. I highly recommend them to students for their Consulting.

    Babson College

    Madhur Bhadsavle

    KGC has helped me a lot right from universities selection and finalizing the right one till the visa process. Without KGC’s help I wouldn’t have even applied to NYU, so I am extremely glad that I joined KGC and will definitely recommend them to others.

    New York University

    Prashant Sundaram

    I had to balance studies and the application procedure to universities in the US. The Karan Gupta Consulting team reduced the burden on me tremendously - assisted me with the admission documents (SOP especially) and in sending out applications. After getting my visa, I can proudly say that the KGC team is cheerful and always lending a helping hand - with KGC’s coaching in improving vocabulary skills and enthusiastic and dynamic counseling, the KGC team have an upper edge over the competition. Hats off to KGC.

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Princy Parsana

    KGC has been of great help during my entire application process. After having scored average marks on GRE, I was completely demotivated & had lost hopes of getting into a good university. But it was Karan Gupta who gave me the courage to apply to the top notch universities and yes, I can proudly say that I have got acceptance from the best universities in the US including CMU, Georgia Tech and Johns Hopkins University! and this would not have been possible without KGC and the team.

    Johns Hopkins University

    Paulose Simon Puthanangady

    Karan Gupta Consulting has been one of the best choices I made. I am really impressed with the personal attention that was given to me during the entire admission process, right from the applications to the Visa procedure. The direction and valuable guidance by Mr. Karan Gupta has been one of the key factors in achieving my goals of studying in my dream university. I would recommend KGC to any aspirants looking forward to study abroad.

    University of Southern California