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    Mahesh Joshi

    KGC Consultants helped me in deciding my colleges and helped in the documentation work. Karan Gupta was very kind and co-operative. The thing I liked the most was the documentation part. The documentation suggested by Karan had a professional look. I am very happy with the counselling service.

    American Intercontinental University

    Satis Kumar Sadashivan

    KGC Consultants have worked as a team and helped one to be comfortable with the admission procedures thereby fulfilling my dreams. Karan is a very good counsellor who showed me the right path in deciding my schools, my career goals, thereby providing a perfect launch pad for a successful career. They really helped me with my documentation work and was upto the mark.

    DePaul University

    Aishvarya Pedgaonkar

    The application process for us MV Engineers is exactly 1 week before our semester 7 exams. I thank KGC team for their guidance and the recommendation of universities along with the proof reading of my SOP and Recommendation letters. I especially thank KGC for reinforcing my confidence since I did not have a great GRE Score. But due to their guidance and there encouragement I was able to build strong points of my profile and was admitted to one of the best public universities in the US and the third best university in the state of Texas.

    The University of Texas At Dallas

    Rahul Sharma

    KGC was of good help to me as they helped in choosing colleges and also in choosing my final college which was a big stepping stone in my life. Karan and the team were of great help.

    Rochester Institute of Technology

    Ronak Bhuta

    As I was the first in my family to go abroad for further studies, we had no idea about the admission process.That’s when I read Mr.Karan Gupta’s articles on studying abroad in education times and set up an appointment with him and then enlisted all the aspect and how to go about with the entire process. Entire credit for my admission goes to Karan and his team. Thanks KGC & Karan.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Vivek Mehta

    Karan and the KGC team are excellent. Always willing to help, impartial, which I believe is difficult to find. The most attractive is the pre- departure seminar which helps students to overcome their fears. I am extremely happy with their service and highly recommendable.

    Bentley College

    Pranay Jashani

    Karan and his team have been very co operative with me. Given me the brief idea of what it is like entering into the real life .i.e. University. Also helped immensely with the paperwork which to a student is mind-boggling Karan made it sound easier and even look easier. A vote of thanks to all of you and your team members your counseling was of immense help.

    International University of Monaco