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    Dhwanil Malji

    I was really busy with my work, schedule and also I was from another city so at times I was finding it difficult to cope up with the different process, but the KGC team and particularly Karan helped me a lot, so I would strongly recommend him to all of them who wish to pursue their further education abroad.

    University of Bridgeport

    Ashish Chettiar

    I am pretty satisfied with the counselling services provided by KGC I hope they continue the good work & all the best to the entire team.

    New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Khushal Chandan

    I am happy to have been at KGC for the counselling. The team helped me a lot for the applications as well as for the preparation of documents.

    Northeastern University

    Pooja Dave

    KGC was really helpful as far as university selection, editing of documents, attending all doubts even the phone etc. one thing I would really like to mention here is that we were allowed to meet or fill up an appointment with Karan directly which does not happen in most of the other counselling firms my friends go to! Overall it was an awesome experience.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Hozefa Sagwadawala

    KGC was especially helpful for the visa preparation & sending the application packets. Though I would like to mention that I could have cut down on the number of universities I had applied to, some of the applications were not required.

    Texas A&M University

    Rushabh Shah

    I was confused and had no friends or relatives going for industrial engineering or already done with it. Also having no relatives in the US, KGC has definitely helped me a lot. Getting into a university like USC is one thing that I will really like to thank them for. Keep up the good Job. Thank you.

    University of Southern California

    Akshata Rane

    Very helpful staff. Got a lot of assistance during documentation. Thanks to the team and Karan!

    The University Of Arizona

    Kimmy Chhabria

    The KGC team has been indeed helpful in assisting me and helped me in all stages of my application. KGC has been accessible to me most of the time I needed them and my phone calls were attended promptly. The counsellors & staff at KGC are well informed and helpful.

    University of Southern California

    Ekta Mody

    Considering the fact that most counsellors don’t know much about design schools, I was sceptical about paying up at KGC. However I was very happy with the service the entire team offered to me. The documents were edited promptly and were of great help. All the members of the KGC team were extremely helpful. Great experience! Thanks!

    Pratt Institute, New York

    Heramb Dandekar

    I would recommend KGC to all the students. It was really great. Very helpful and highly professional.

    University Michigan – Dearborn