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    Vivek Viswanathan

    I had less than 3 months to get through the entire application process & give standardized tests. KGC did a fabulous job of streamlining the entire process by providing timely information & assistance. They helped me find my dream institute. I am extremely glad to have chosen KGC and will usually recommend them others.

    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Priyanka Bhide

    Thank you KGC team for making my admission procedures seem easy and stress free when it all seemed like an endless maze. The KGC team was always ready with a plan and a backup to the plan.

    New York University

    Harshit Thakkar

    After I was issued my visa, the people whom I informed first were Karan & the whole KGC team. Right from selecting universities upto the pre departure workshop the whole KGC team has helped me a lot. I am relly very happy & satisfied with the counselling services & I would definitely highly recommend Karan Gupta Consulting to all aspiring people.

    University of Southern California

    Anshula Johri

    I joined KGC in the first week of January before application deadlines thinking "I cant handle this, so please-please help me!” How thankful I am as Karan helped in sending out my applications in time which was a minor miracle. But the major miracle was the visa which I am sure I would not have got without his mocks. A big thanks to everyone at KGC-You all are extremely helpful and I recommend KGC to everyone!

    Ohio Wesleyan University

    Kunal Mishra

    Well to start with, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would get into any US school with polymers as my core subject. But Karan helped me out with the shortlisting & was quite helpful with the other formalities. Karan & all the team members are quite punctual and specific about their work which a sign of professionalism. All the best to them.

    Syracuse University

    Murtaza Madraswala

    The KGC team has been a great help in clearing doubts and also balancing college coursework with preparing and mailing of application products

    Southern Methodist University

    Monish Shah

    I had no idea how to go about the whole thing, so I enrolled with KGC. They have helped me at each and every step. I had several doubts during the application process where Karan Gupta and the KGC team helped a lot. I would recommend their counseling services to others.

    University of Reading

    Tanumansa bagrodia

    I was clueless as to what had to be done about my admissions and subjects to choose, Karan has been of great help. Thank you so much!

    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    Yohann Carvalho

    The services are excellent and the KGC Staff was always a phone call away when we needed help. The entire application process was quite overwhelming but Karan and the counsellors provided timely assistance and advice. We have no doubt that KGC provided is the best counselling available in the market and we would be happy to recommend them to prospective students.

    University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

    Tanmoy Jadhav

    Thanks for all your help KGC Team. Your services have been very informative and helpful. Thank you for your insight and support.

    Boston College