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    Kavi Gupta

    Mr. Karan Gupta is a well organized and efficient counsellor, who is clear in his thinking. He works very hard and is able to do a lot for his students despite constraints on his time and energy. His help with documents and financial aid papers has been invaluable. Thank you for all the help. Wish that you and your team grow from strength to strength. Best of luck!

    Cornell University

    Vishal Mhatre

    Many friends and websites advised not taking up consultancy services. But I really feel that Karan Gupta Consulting did a great job and helped me get into my dream university. I would certainly recommend KGC to all aspiring juniors.

    Carnegie Mellon University

    Dheerin Motwani

    The KGC team is well researched and have an excellent data bank. The best service they provide (which is also most beneficial) is the short listing of universities. I think this aspect helped me the most. We as students generally lack the complete data about universities. The Karan Gupta Consulting team has the hidden info about a lot of universities which is needed in the application process.

    University of Oxford

    Neehar Mokal

    The document editing team at Karan Gupta Consulting is awesome. They have been really helpful to me for my SOP and other documents.

    University of Pennsylvania

    Deepan Gandhi

    Karan Gupta Consulting helped me to focus on relevant information when researching universities. Their help with SOPs and essays was very valuable. I believe such a service is essential to make sure you follow correct procedures and make the right decisions.

    Stanford University

    Abhishek Gandhi

    The Karan Gupta Consulting team helped me in both the college admissions as well as the visa preparation. Both would have been very difficult without their dedication.

    Columbia University

    Rohiny Vaze

    The essay editing done by the KGC team was amazing. I believe it was the most key element transforming my 1200 word essay into an impactful 750 word essay, which I believe was instrumental in my admission decision. They were also very helpful in getting it done in a very short time frame. One another great quality was that while most consultants try to make students apply to colleges lower than their capability, KGC ensured that I could apply to only the colleges that I wanted to go to. I would highly recommend them to everyone else.

    UCLA Anderson

    Shabnam Shahani

    I would highly recommend KGC to prospective students. Not only was the guidance I received very helpful but also very regular and timely. Karan and his team were always available to answer any queries I had and assisted me throughout the process of giving exams, selecting universities and sending applications. I am happy to say that KGC has been instrumental in assisting me in securing admission to my university of choice.

    London Business School

    Rahil Kacheria

    KGC gave me the courage to apply to the top schools in the USA with their guidance and assistance. I knew that my college application could not have been better. KGC helped me achieve my goal and I owe a great part of my success to them. I recommended KGC to all students who set high goals. KGC is possibly the only organization that can help one achieve them.

    Stanford University

    Rohan Shah

    Karan Gupta Consulting has certainly been instrumental in my application process. KGC’s knowledge on school selection and everything related to the application process including the visa process is outstanding. The counselors at KGC are extremely cooperative and have assisted me in every possible way.

    Cornell University