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Several factors influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, personality, and circumstances. We at KGC help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. We assess your career path and based on your interests, we suggest appropriate options for you. We then guide you to apply to the 'right' institutes that can help you achieve your goals.

Sample Documents

Plan of Action

  • Documents

    When you apply for admission to foreign institutes, you need to prepare several documents. A resume, letters of recommendation from professors or employers, essays that discuss your strengths and reasons to study abroad along with a detailed analysis of your career goals, financial papers that show your capacity to pay for your education and transcripts from your past academic years are generally needed by foreign institutes. At Karan Gupta Consulting, we understand the importance of these documents including the essays and statement of purpose. Our team includes Harvard educated editors who will help you make your documents to the best of your ability while still maintaining ownership of your work. No matter what your life journey has been or how complicated your work experience is, we can help you maximize your chances of admission by helping you prepare top-class documents.

  • Tests

    The SAT, SAT subject tests and ACT are tests used by US institutes at the undergraduate level. The GRE is used by US institutes at the Masters level and is taken by students applying for a non-business course. The GMAT is used by leading business schools around the world and is taken by students applying for an MBA and other business courses. The TOEFL, IELTS and PTE are English language tests and almost all institutes around the world expect you to present scores from one of these tests. At Karan Gupta Consulting we follow a systematic schedule of lectures and practice sections designed to cover all areas of the test. Our video lectures introduce the key techniques for effective test preparation, and our expert tutors are available to explain particular problem areas and to solve difficulties. Our program is structured yet flexible: Students proceed through the course at their own pace.

  • Institutes

    There are thousands of reputed institutes in the developed world - the US alone has more than 3800 institutes of higher learning. How then will you choose an institute where you can apply? The key is to first assess your career goals and then find a course that can help you achieve your goals. Once that's done you can visit the websites of several institutes and study the course that they offer in great detail. We at Karan Gupta Consulting are in regular touch with the deans and admission officers of various institutes to keep abreast of latest admission trends to make sure that you apply to and get admission at the 'right' institute. We know how important it is to find an institute that matches your profile and that can help you achieve your goals. Our research team has admission data of thousands of institutes collated since 1999 and our expertise will help you select the 'right' institute.

  • Visa

    Nothing can be more frustrating than going through the entire application process and then not getting a visa to study abroad. No matter which country's visa you try for, the underlying principle is always the same – you have to prove that you are a genuine student who has the finances to study abroad and has strong reasons to return to your home country. If you are honest and straightforward you will have no trouble in getting a student visa. We at Karan Gupta Consulting have helped thousands of students obtain student visas for institutes in various countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, France, Germany, Spain, Dubai, New Zealand, Ireland and China. Our visa process is exhaustive and includes the checking of all your financial papers and preparing you for visa interviews. Our 100% success track record reinforces our visa preparation techniques.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

We have helped several students get full funding to study abroad. Institutes around the world offer need based financial aid, merit based scholarships and/or graduate assistantships. The key to getting these financial aid awards is to apply early and of course apply to the 'right' institutes. International students applying to US institutes need to fill in the Foreign Student Financial Aid form (FSFA) while domestic students need to fill in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We assist you in filling these forms and maximizing your chances of getting funding. We also advise you on various work-study options that can reduce your expenditure while studying abroad. We maintain an up-to-date list of institutions which grant funding to students who wish to study abroad. Don't let funding issues stop you from applying to your dream institute.

Early decision vs. early action

If you plan to apply to US institutes at the undergraduate level, you will come across two admission terms - Early Decision and Early Action (A few institutes offer ED and EA at the Master's level as well). Early Decision refers to the admission process wherein you apply to a specific institute early, generally by Nov 1st of the year before your intended fall admission. You indicate to the institute that if you are accepted for admissions, you will accept the offer and will not attend any other institute. Basically, you bind yourself to a particular institute. Many institutes have now removed Early Decision from their processes and in fact encourage students to apply for Early Action. Early Action is a process wherein you apply for admissions early (again by Nov 1st in most cases) and if you are accepted, you are not bound to accept the admission offer.