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KGC Services

Several factors influence your career development, including your interests, abilities, personality, and circumstances. We at Karan Gupta Consulting help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. In your personal counseling session we assess your career path and suggest appropriate options for you. We conduct aptitude tests that can point you towards majors that match your strengths and interests. Our time spent with you helps us understand your skills and underlying drive, enabling us to better serve you in your search for the right career.

Once we’ve identified and chalked out your career path, we set into motion the activities that can help you achieve your goals starting with the course that you are applying for. We help you prepare the documents that you need for admission, including essays. Our exclusive, informative and interactive workshops make sure that you are well equipped to make the best possible documents that are needed for admission.

We make sure that you apply to the ‘right’ program at the ‘right’ institute. We help you fill in your application forms and once your admission offers start flowing in, we help you finalize the institute that best matches your profile. We then screen your financial papers and conduct extensive mock interviews to increase your chances of getting a student visa. Before you embark on your path to a new career, we conduct workshops to ease your transition.

We are dedicated to providing the best test preparation services for standardized tests. At KGC students follow a systematic schedule of lectures and practice sections designed to cover all areas of the tests. Our video lectures introduce key techniques for effective test prep, and our expert tutors are available to explain specific problem areas and to solve difficulties. Our programs are structured yet flexible: Students proceed at their own pace.